What is gig speed and why do you need it?

by | Nov 21, 2022

men in a data center providing high gig speed
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If you’ve spent even a few minutes researching internet providers on Google, you’ve probably seen lots of ads talking about gig speed: But what do these numbers really mean? We’re going to clear up the confusion and give you a crash course on gig speed so you can stream faster, game harder, and change your digital life.

Starting simple: Understanding gig speed “bit by bit”

To understand the power of gig speed—and how it can bring you 99.9% reliability^—you first need to understand the “bit.”

^Based on network uptime or availability.

To put it simply, a bit is a digital unit of measurement. The smallest unit your computer can process, in fact. Bits are used to measure data transfer speeds, and 8 bits make up a byte. Now, get ready for a massive jump: It takes a million bytes to make up a single megabyte, and that’s the unit that’s used to measure internet gig speeds.

But even with this crash course in data transfer, phrases like “up to 940 megabits per second*” may still leave you in the dark. So let’s translate all this tech jargon into a meaningful path to achieving maximum speed and improving your digital life.

*Speed may not be available in your area.

What is Multi-Gig speed and how does it relate?

If you thought 900 Mbps sounded awesome, don’t get out your party hat yet. It gets even better, because a single gigabyte is about a thousand megabytes—and with Multi-Gig speeds now available in select locations, your digital life could get even faster!

Quantum Fiber is now offering speeds of up to 1 Gbps, 3 Gbps, and even 8 Gbps in certain areas. But if you’re lucky enough to have this service available to you, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear understanding of what Multi-Gigabit speed really means, and how it compares to our old friend gig speed. Limited availability, service and speed in select locations only.

When you enter the realm of Multi-Gig fiber, an up to 8 Gig speed plan is 40X faster than the average U.S. download speed.* But even though “speed” is the buzzword of the hour, what really makes the difference is bandwidth. While speed is exactly what is sounds like—the length of time it takes for data to transfer to and from your device—bandwidth measures the maximum amount of data that your connection can handle.

**Based on the weighted average advertised U.S. data connection download speed of participating Internet Service Providers of 193.9 Mbps. FCC Measuring Fixed Broadband Eleventh Report, December 2021.

Don’t feel intimidated by all these numbers. Whether you’re dealing with gig speed or Multi-Gig, in the end, it comes down to a simple “equation”:

Bandwidth + Speed = The freedom to use all the devices your family needs without worrying about buffering.

How can Multi-Gig speeds make your life easier?

Now that gigabit speed measurements are more than just numbers on the screen, let’s take a look at why Multi-Gig speed is so important—and how it can help you work, play, and stream like never before.

woman browsing the web with high gig speed internet

Stop competing for bandwidth and enjoy true digital peace

When you’re dealing in Multi-Gig speeds, fighting over bandwidth is a thing of the past. Your family will no longer be limited by the restrictions of slow internet, and you’ll be able to use many devices at once. Laptops, tablets, cell phones, and smart devices will all play together seamlessly without any competition.

Enter your gaming fantasy world with Multi-Gigabit speed and uninterrupted playtime

If you’re planning on exploring the world of VR gaming, Multi-Gig speed will help you roam freely through mind-blowing imaginary worlds without latency holding you back. And if you’ve built an awesome gaming PC with all sorts of next-level modifications, you’ll want the power and speed that comes from Multi-Gig internet. With low-latency connections, it won’t matter if someone else is streaming a 4K movie in the next room: Finally, you can stop worrying about lag and focus on taking down your opponents instead!

Streaming so clear you’ll feel like part of the show

With so many streaming services to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Unfortunately, with internet connections running on older tech, that leads to endless buffering and poor video quality when family members tune in on different devices—but not with the high bandwidth that comes with Multi-Gig speed. With the right plan, you’ll be able to catch the latest sports game in one room while your kids watch cartoons in the next. Your family can even enjoy immersive 4K streaming services like Disney+ on many devices at once.

Stay connected to friends and coworkers with crystal-clear video

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your call drop in the middle of a fun conversation or an important meeting. Whether you’re catching up with long-distance friends or having your yearly performance review at a remote job, Multi-Gig speed makes all the difference.

Also, if you or your kids are attending online classes, Multi-Gig speeds can tremendously enhance the learning experience for everyone. Since so many schools now offer large group classes filled with 20 students or more, you’re going to need the best of the best to keep up with the rest: And Multi-Gig speed internet offers the video quality you need to feel truly immersed in your online education.

Rest easy knowing your data is safe

Multi-Gig speeds have also revolutionized the world of backup storage. Instead of relying on external hard drives to store all your photos, videos, and other files, Multi-Gig speeds allow you to back up all your data in the Cloud. This means you can access your files from any device, on the go or at home. And if you schedule regular auto-backups, you’ll never have to worry about your files slipping off into a digital black hole again.

Embrace the future of gig speed today with Quantum Fiber

Man and woman in data center providing high gig speed

Now that gig (and Multi-Gig) speed is more than just a bunch of numbers on the screen, it’s easy to see how fiber internet can revolutionize your family’s internet experience. Isn’t it incredible that world-class streaming, an unforgettable gaming experience, and worry-free videos all go back to a single “bit”? When the limitations of cable internet are finally lifted, you’ll be able to enjoy all these incredible features and more in the world of Multi-Gig speed.

Even without bringing Multi-Gig into the picture, our usual speeds of up to 940 Mbps are more than enough for most families to game, work, and stream.

Speed may not be available in your area.

**Based on network uptime or availability.

To learn more about the importance of gigabit speed, check out our Speed Hub—or experience the future of gig speed firsthand by signing up for one of our versatile internet plans.

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Harness the power of Multi-Gig internet. See if speeds up to 8 Gig are available in your area.

Limited availability. Service and speed in select locations only.

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Harness the power of Multi-Gig internet. See if speeds up to 8 Gig are available in your area.

Limited availability. Service and speed in select locations only.