Evolve your gameplay with the power of NVIDIA GeForce Experience

by | Aug 22, 2022

Woman evolving her gaming experience with the GeForce Experience
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Since 1993, NVIDIA has been laying the ground rules for the future of PC gaming. After nearly three decades of pairing with tech giants like Microsoft, Sony, and Blizzard, NVIDIA’s status as a king among graphics cards (aka GPUs, short for “graphics processing units”) has remained unquestioned. And with the release of its long-awaited GeForce Experience, its reign won’t be ending anytime soon.

What is the NVIDIA GeForce Experience?

GeForce Experience is a library of free tools that has everything a gamer could possibly want all packed neatly into a single desktop app. As long as you have a NVIDIA GPU installed on your computer (or if you’re using a GeForce laptop), you’ll be able to kick off your GeForce Experience download and conquer the gaming world.

Some of the best features of the GeForce Experience that set it apart from other graphics software are:

  • Top-tier system monitoring and optimization tools
  • The rare ability to capture 360-degree screenshots
  • Built-in filters to spice up all your favorite gaming moments to share with friends
  • Unique livestreaming features that set you apart from other streamers
  • Automatic GPU driver updates that simplify your life
  • NVIDIA Image Scaling tools to create the ultimate customizable gaming experience

With so many awesome features to explore, let’s dive right in. Learn how you can use GeForce Experience to improve your game time, your hangout sessions with friends, and even your stress levels!

How will GeForce Experience help you stand out from the crowd?

People gaming on couch

When you combine the legendary processing power of a NVIDIA GeForce GPU and our lightning-fast speeds of up to 940 Mbps, you’ll learn exactly why fiber internet will make all your gaming dreams come true. Let’s take a closer look at some of these awesome features we mentioned above and break down exactly why they’re better than the competition and how they can revolutionize your gaming life.

Stream and share on a whole new level

Whether you’ve always dreamed of being a famous streamer or just want to share some awesome screenshots with friends, the GeForce Experience will turn heads on your platform of choice. NVIDIA ShadowPlay is an all-in-one powerhouse that lets you seamlessly record all your favorite games and stream them to the world.

You can watch instant replays of all your best moves, talk to viewers (or competition) in real time using your computer’s internal mic, and create awesome videos to upload to YouTube or share to Twitch in 4K or 8K! Plus, with our 99% reliability rate*, you’ll say goodbye to all your anxiety about your stream dropping off in the middle of a match!

Make your ordinary game session extraordinary with fun, cool filters

Let’s face it. No matter how much you love an FPS game, it can get boring after playing the same level a hundred times. And if RPGs are your thing, even the classics can still get old after you’ve blazed through every possible ending. That’s why the NVIDIA GeForce Experience is a must if you want to add some excitement back into all your old favorite games.

With the GeForce-compatible ReShade filters, you can easily tweak the color and lighting of many different games. You can even add amazing overlays to the entire playing field, such as the Retro Neon filter, which immerses your character in a psychedelic dreamworld! There are 14 NVIDIA-made Ansel Filters just as cool as this one waiting to be discovered when you embark on your very own GeForce Experience.

Optimization that leaves the competition in the dust

GeForce Experience’s game-ready drivers might just be its most epic feature of all. They ensure every time you log on, you’re playing the most recent, sharpest version of all your favorite titles. All it takes is one click to see if your hardware is configured for max performance. And that pairs incredibly well with our 99.9% reliable* network!

Instead of combing the internet for new patches or updates, GeForce Experience makes sure you’re always playing with the latest, most cutting-edge settings. This feature is cross-functional and works on Steam, Origin, Epic, and many of your other favorite platforms.

You can also easily optimize your in-game settings based off data gathered from the NVIDIA cloud. This means from the moment you log on, you’ll have the power of thousands of other PCs at your back to ensure your image quality is top-notch. You’ll spend less time stressing over fuzzy textures and eye-straining brightness levels and more time making a name for yourself out there in the gaming frontier!

Take professional-grade photographs with NVIDIA Ansel

Take professional photographs with GeForce Experience

We briefly mentioned screenshots before, but get ready for the best part: GeForce Experience comes fully equipped with a free camera! With a single click, you’ll be able to choose between four different mind-blowing image formats.

  • HDR. Who doesn’t love the epic clarity of 4K and 8K action captured with the push of a button?
  • 360-degree. Take screenshots from any position in spacetime! This out-of-this-world feature is truly one of a kind. You’ll have to see it to believe it—and it’s even better in VR.
  • Super-resolution. Upscaling your images can make all the difference when building an audience on your favorite gaming platforms.
  • Stereo imaging. Also known as 3D photography, this highly advanced technique is employed by NASA to take photos of distant galaxies! Is there anything cooler than having that kind of tech at your fingertips?

Once you’ve captured your best images, you can post-process them to adjust brightness, contrast, and other standout features before you show them off to all your friends.

Experience the future of gaming with NIVIDIA GeForce

Experience the future of gaming

Now that you know what you’re missing out on without GeForce Experience in your life, what are you waiting for? Seize the future of gaming and jump ahead of the curve. And while you’re at it, invest in high-speed fiber internet to make your GeForce Experience even more seamless. Speeds of up to 940 Mbps and 99.9% reliability* are the perfect companion to your legendary new gaming setup: So reach the top of the scoreboard today with NIVIDIA GeForce and Quantum Fiber!

*Speed may not be available in your area.

*Based on network uptime or availability.

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