WiFi 6: More bandwidth, faster speeds, and improved security

by | Dec 10, 2021

Young man works on his laptop at the kitchen island using WiFi.
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New versions of the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or PlayStation may grab all the press, but behind the scenes, WiFi technology continues to evolve, keeping pace with updated hardware. WiFi 6 is the latest upgrade designed to meet our ever-growing digital needs. Benefits of WiFi 6 range from faster speeds to added security, ensuring your home network seamlessly handles your growing array of devices.

What is WiFi 6?

WiFi 6 is the latest iteration in wireless internet technology for your router. Each WiFi generation brings speed increases, improved data transfers, and enhanced security.

We’ve come a long way from 1997, when the earliest WiFi standard, 802.11, offered the bare minimum in terms of connectivity and speed. The next upgrade was 802.11b, but to simplify the names, we now refer to them with a numerical value. WiFi 6 adoption is underway worldwide, and the era of WiFi 7 is already beginning.

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The key advantages of WiFi 6 vs. WiFi 5

According to Popular Science, WiFi 6 devices run approximately 40% faster than WiFi 5 devices on most networks. Aside from speed, WiFi 6 offers several other game-changing improvements:

  • Less interference and lower latency: WiFi 6 uses dual frequency bands, which means less lag for multi-user, high-traffic households.
  • Higher allowance of maximum users: The number of users that can communicate with the router increases from four to eight.
  • Better traffic management: WiFi 6 harnesses the power of MU-MIMO and OFDMA tech, reducing network slowdowns.
  • New level of encryption to protect your data: The WPA3 protocol uses the latest security standards to protect your data.

Ready to know more? Let’s go over the benefits of WiFi 6 and see why it’s worth the upgrade.

Lightning-fast streaming with WiFi 6

Anyone who loves watching HD sports or movies knows that streaming is synonymous with speed—especially if you’re watching everything in 4K. From catching all the latest sports games to keeping your kids entertained all afternoon, WiFi 6 will make your streaming experience more immersive than ever before.

WiFi 6 is a big improvement from earlier standards. The Verge estimates that WiFi 6 can reach speeds up to 9.6 Gbps—a huge increase from the 3.5 Gbps of WiFi 5. Both speeds are theoretical maximums you’re unlikely to hit, but the possibility exists. WiFi 6 also splits the top speed between multiple devices, so you can enjoy fast internet on your smartphone, laptop, and internet of things (IoT) devices.

If you or someone in your family enjoys gaming, WiFi 6 will leave your competition in the dust, especially if you have multiple gamers on the same network. Since WiFi 6 offers less latency than WiFi 5, you’ll be able to breeze past all your opponents with less chance of lag.

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WiFi 6 bandwidth boost

Internet speed matters, but that’s not all that WiFi 6 brings to the table. One of the most impressive improvements is the number of devices it can support.

Routers built with earlier WiFi standards could only support a certain number of devices and their data needs. WiFi 6 increases your network’s bandwidth capacity, opening it up for simultaneous streams. It also increases access point capacity, which is great for IoT users. That means less network congestion, which contributes to WiFi latency or lag.

How fast your internet can go depends on how much bandwidth you have. Think of bandwidth like a road. The width of the road determines how much traffic can use it at any given time. WiFi 6 offers greater channel width (up to 160 MHz instead of only 20/40/80 Mhz from WiFi 5).

It’s also better at steering bandwidth. Previous WiFi standards only allowed one user to “talk” or communicate with the router at any given time. Now, multiple users can talk at the same time on your wireless network. That’s a necessary improvement for households with multiple connected devices and users. The technology also divvies out bandwidth to only the devices that are currently in use. Any devices not being used won’t eat up any of your bandwidth.

With WiFi 6 you can enjoy superior connectivity.

A new level of security and encryption

Along with increased bandwidth and speed, WiFi 6 introduces WPA3 encryption, the most recent and secure standard. Even if someone can access your WiFi signal, WPA3’s strong encryption works to keep your data safe and secure. Some WiFi 5 routers may offer WPA3, but this standard is required for WiFi 6 certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.

WPA3 creates a new key for each device that signs on to your network, making password cracking more difficult than ever and stopping cybercriminals in their tracks. Even if outside threats manage to penetrate your network, with WPA3 and WiFi 6, accessing your data is still extremely tricky.

Should I upgrade to WiFi 6?

The advantages of WiFi 6 are undeniable. With so many improved capabilities, WiFi 6 can take your home network to the next level, letting you enjoy seamless streaming, awesome gaming sessions, and worry-free browsing with no lags.

To get the most out of an upgrade to WiFi 6, your internet-connected devices also need to be equipped with the technology. Many recently released devices, like the newest iPhone, come ready to connect to networks with the latest standard.

If you’re already considering switching to fiber internet service, WiFi 6 technology can help you get the most out of it. Combined with a mesh network that blankets your home with a strong WiFi signal, WiFi 6 is a lightning-fast game changer for your home internet network.

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