What to Know About WiFi 7 Devices

by | Jun 19, 2024

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If you like staying ahead with the latest technology, then you’re likely aware of the benefits of WiFi 7. However, if you’ve tried to buy devices like a WiFi 7 router, you also know that the technology is so new that there are few WiFi 7 devices available.

We’ve broken down the basics of devices like WiFi 7 routers and WiFi 7 mesh networks to help you plan your WiFi 7 setup today! Keep reading to learn more, then check for Quantum Fiber availability to bring home lightning-fast fiber internet paired with cutting edge WiFi 7 devices.

What is WiFi 7?

If you’re not familiar with WiFi 7 yet now is the time to get to know it.

WiFi-connected devices come from lots of different manufacturers, but they can all connect to WiFi thanks to a common set of standards that began with WiFi 1 in 1997, also known as the 802.11 protocol. Those standards act like a universal language that all devices can speak to create quick and reliable WiFi connections regardless of who makes them.

WiFi 7 is the latest generation of WiFi standards certified in 2022 that devices will connect through, and Quantum Fiber is the first company to certify two WiFi7 devices that enable a mesh system and an improved in-home network experience. For example, WiFi 7 doubles channel width from 160MHz to 320MHz. The wider the channel, the more data can fit through it, just like a two-lane road versus a four-lane road. WiFi 7 also delivers the following benefits over WiFi 6:

  • Wirelessly deliver multi-gig speeds to multiple users
  • Speeds eight times faster
  • Seven times improved latency
  • Improved coverage: 90% of homes will require one device; 25% better compared to WiFi 6
  • Improved reliability thanks to an added 6Ghz frequency
  • Increased load handling that can support over 100 concurrent devices

WiFi 7 routers

Although a WiFi 7 router won’t deliver WiFi 7 benefits to connected devices if they’re not WiFi 7 compatible, it’s a great first step to building a WiFi 7 network.

WiFi 7 routers will more reliably deliver speeds you need for V.R. gaming and cloud gaming as well as support a huge network of IoT devices than WiFi 6. WiFi 7 routers paired with a strong support app, like the Quantum Fiber app, will be even stronger since they make adding users, controlling devices, and setting content filters for devices on your network easier.

A mother and son enjoy WiFi 7 speed

WiFi 7 mesh networks

A key part of making sure that your devices receive the speeds available with WiFi 7 is effective solutions that cover your entire home or office.

Natural barriers like walls and ceilings make it difficult for wireless signals to reach devices. When they’re combined with distance between a router and device you can get slow performance despite there being nothing wrong with your internet. A mesh network helps connection by placing pods around a space which then share the WiFi signal with devices from multiple points around a home or business instead of from a single router.

WiFi 7 mesh networks will be especially important since reliable WiFi 7 speeds across your home or business will rely on blanket coverage. Quantum Fiber WiFi7 gives you options for flexibility, and providing the right amount of coverage to enable gig and multi-gig speeds throughout the home.

How to find WiFi 7 devices

One easy way to keep up with what WiFi 7 routers, WiFi 7 mesh networks, and other WiFi 7 devices are available is to check for  Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7TM from the Wi-Fi Alliance®.

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global network of companies that drive global WiFi adoption. One of the main ways they do so is developing innovative technologies like WiFi 7, which is why searching for their WiFi 7 certification is a great way to find WiFi 7 devices.

A father and daughter enjoy WiFi 7 speed

WiFi 7 with Quantum Fiber

Quantum Fiber, as the first certified WiFi 7 device provider, is currently rolling out WiFi 7 devices to customers, but you don’t have to wait to bring home lightning-fast fiber internet.

Quantum Fiber offers ultra-fast and reliable internet speeds of up to 940 megabits per second (Mbps) and multi-gig speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second (Gbps), up to 3 Gbps, and up to 8 Gbps in select areas. Check for Quantum Fiber availability to bring fiber speeds to your home or business and WiFi 7 devices once they’re delivered to Quantum Fiber customers.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7TM is a trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance®.

Content Disclaimer - All content is for informational purposes only, may require user’s additional research, and is provided “as is” without any warranty, condition of any kind (express or implied), or guarantee of outcome or results. Use of this content is at user’s own risk. All third-party company and product or service names referenced in this article are for identification purposes only and do not imply endorsement or affiliation with Quantum Fiber. If Quantum Fiber products and offerings are referenced in the content, they are accurate as of the date of issue. Quantum Fiber services are not available everywhere. Quantum Fiber service usually means 100% fiber-optic network to your location but, in limited circumstances, Quantum Fiber may need to deploy alternative technologies coupled with a non-fiber connection from a certain point (usually the curb) to your location in order to provide the advertised download speeds. ©2024 Q Fiber, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Quantum, Quantum Fiber and Quantum Fiber Internet are trademarks of Quantum Wireless LLC and used under license to Q Fiber, LLC.

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