Quick and easy PS5 setup guide for high-speed internet

by | Jan 25, 2023

Gamers learning PS5 setup
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If you’ve just unboxed your new PS5, you probably can’t wait to hook it up and start playing. But you’ll need to double-check your internet connectivity to make sure you’re working with internet speeds that offer the seamless gaming experience you’ve been waiting for. Let’s explore PS5 setup from start to finish, so you can spend less time messing around with cables and more time taking down your greatest foes!

Quick and easy PS5 setup

When the big moment arrives and it’s time to set up your awesome new console, you probably already know the basics of how to set up a PS5 and dive into all the exciting games you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s a brief overview, just in case:

  • Attach the base to your PS5 for vertical stabilization.
  • Connect the PS5 with its power cord and HDMI cable.
  • Plug your console into a power outlet and connect its HDMI cable to your TV.
  • Use the USB cable to connect your PS5 controller to the console.
  • Turn on your controller and PS5 console to complete setup
  • Connect your PS5 to the internet.

Now, before connecting your PS5 to the internet, it’s important to consider your options and how they affect your gameplay with factors like bandwidth and latency.

Why is speed so important while gaming?

Senior gamers playing PS5

To understand the importance of bandwidth and latency, it all goes back to speed. Think about the last time you were just about to pull off a winning move, but then your game lagged or disconnected. You and your entire team probably fell victim to any gamer’s true enemy: Latency.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix: Higher speed means less latency.

You already have a new system upgraded with the latest and greatest hardware! So, why are you still having connectivity issues? Well, even with the newest gaming systems, you could still have latency issues if you don’t have a high enough speed for gaming.

Latency and bandwidth aren’t the same, although they’re often used interchangeably (even in gaming chats). Bandwidth refers to the amount of data you transfer, and latency measures how long data transfer between you and the server takes. Both are interconnected, and both affect gaming. While you’ll want as much bandwidth as possible, for optimal gaming, you need an excellent internet connection with high gig speed to reduce latency.

What about streaming?

Alongside your own experience, what if you were streaming your gaming match when latency tripped you up? While most of your audience will understand the woes of lag, no one wants to see their favorite team fail—or, worse, miss seeing how a match even ends! Make sure to set yourself up for success with the symmetrical speed of Quantum Fiber that enables you to upload and download with equal bandwidth. That way, you can play and stream while your fans cheer you on uninterrupted.

Decide between using Ethernet or going wireless during PS5 setup

PS5 setup for gamers

To determine whether you’re better off setting up your PS5 with Ethernet or wireless internet connectivity, assess the games you’re playing. Some single-player games don’t even require internet and are fine with any internet connection (or no connection at all). Games with smaller parties may be just fine with a wireless connection, but WiFi might not be optimal for high-latency games.

If you’re playing more graphics-heavy games or favor games that require lightspeed responses, like first-person shooters or arena games, you’ll probably want to opt for wired connectivity. If you do go wireless, take advantage of how WiFi 6 has massively expanded wireless capabilities by improving bandwidth and speed.

If you love jumping on the newest VR releases, note that VR games specifically require CAT6 or CAT6e cables in order to perform well. So, know your games and their connectivity requirements before getting started!

How to measure your need for latency

Gamers high-fiving each other

Now that you know how crucial speed is, you’re probably wondering just how much you really need. Let’s dive right in with the optimal latency benchmarks for you:

  • VR gaming optimal benchmark: Under 20ms
  • General gaming: Under 30ms
  • AR gaming: Under 15ms
  • MR gaming: Under 10ms
  • Video team calls: Under 40ms
  • Video/gameplay streaming: Under 100ms

Always consider your favorite style of gameplay before picking an internet plan to ensure that you’ll be all set for the next big match.

Speed may not be available in your area.

Crush the competition with high-speed internet

Even the most basic fiber plans reduce latency, improving speed right out the gate regardless of your bandwidth. But why settle for “good” when you could achieve greatness with Quantum Fiber? Our speeds of up to 940 Mbps are bound to up your game, whether you’re gaming casually with friends or keeping up with your streaming channel.

What’s your favorite game to play, and how will you boost your PS5’s connectivity? Let us know in the comments! And to learn more about how you can win that next match with cutting-edge connectivity, bookmark our Quantum Fiber blog.

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