Fun and unique Mother’s Day tech gifts

by | Apr 21, 2023

A mother and daughter play games together, enjoying their mother's day tech gifts.
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Eager to show your appreciation for mom this year? Your search is over! Check out these trending Mother’s Day tech gifts and find the perfect gadget to help her stand out from the crowd! If your loved one is a gamer, these trendy new gaming gifts will take her command station to the next level. If gaming isn’t her thing, some of these cutting-edge products will still bring out the potential of her high-speed internet connection—so it’s time to make mom’s special day downright awesome this year!

Mother’s Day tech gifts for gamer moms

A little girl kisses her mother on the cheek to celebrate Mother's day tech gifts.

Games, upgrades, accessories—your shopping list of Mother’s Day tech gifts is about to level up.

Tears of the Kingdom

What better to get your game-loving mom than an amazing new video game? After the mind-blowing success of Breath of the Wild, plenty of gamers are waiting eagerly for Tears of the Kingdom. Just make sure you let her know the advantages of a reliable internet plan so she doesn’t miss a single save point or fall behind from lag.

Wireless desktop mic

Help that special gamer in your life avoid missing a beat with a wireless desktop microphone. She’ll be able to chat with her teammates in two-player games and pull off those winning moves—if her internet can keep up, that is. Luckily, with speeds of up to 940 Mbps (Megabits per second) available through Quantum Fiber, this shouldn’t be a problem! Speed may not be available in your area.

Even single-player games can benefit from a speedy internet connection these days. Sometimes you still have cloud storage save states uploading, or other applications running in the background. You don’t want other users on your home network slowing down your gameplay by running too many applications at the same time, either.

Bluetooth headset

To take advantage of the symmetrical upload and download speeds that’ll make any gaming streamer’s heart sing, make sure you add a sweet wireless gaming headset to your shopping list. Go for quality here so that mom’s new device can connect seamlessly with her speedy WiFi home network for a virtually lag-free gaming and streaming experience. Or you could go even further and get a whole VR gaming headset so that she can enjoy the Metaverse!

Smart Home Devices make great Mother’s Day tech gifts

A mother and son prepare to leave home with their new smart home mother's day tech gift.

If your mom isn’t into video games, never fear: Here are some cool smart home tech ideas that may have that instant click.

Wireless speakers

What better way to work through your gaming gifts checklist than a new surround-sound system for your mom’s entertainment den? And wireless is the way to go! She’ll love her state-of-the-art setup for gaming or TV binges.

Smart camera security system

If your mom’s started decking out her smart home, she’s probably already got a smart home security system installed. Taking advantage of symmetrical speeds makes it way easier to watch over the castle! Pick a camera system that will provide her the same peace of mind as the contract-free internet services we offer, allowing her to view live feeds of her doorstep, even from upstairs, mid-game—or anywhere. Best of all, with many popular smart home security systems, footage automatically uploads to the Cloud so she can view it later.

Smart lighting

Gaming is great on its own, but it’s even better with mood lighting. In fact, some smart lighting features should be at the top of your Mother’s Day tech gifts list! Enable her to immerse herself in the game better than ever before by dimming the lights at will so that the brightness is always perfect. Ambient lighting is even more important if Mom’s gotten into video game streaming!

Home office or studio space

Don’t forget about Mom’s studio or work-from-home office while you’re shopping for the latest tech goodies:

High-definition TV

As plenty of gamers know, a great TV can completely overhaul your gaming experience. With graphics-heavy games, display is everything! But gaming isn’t the only thing Mom can enjoy with her new HD TV: Plenty of Twitch streamers and esports teams love connecting with fans in real-time, and the ability to stream TV in 4K is a must these days!

New graphics card

If your mother works from home in a visual field like design, she’ll love the clarity of a graphics upgrade! And if she’s still more interested in a good graphics card for gaming after hours, she’ll love this gift idea even more.

Awesome seating

To pull the whole setup together, make sure you get Mom a top-tier wireless gaming chair. She’ll be able to connect in comfort when it’s time to join a raid or explore Hyrule—and be all set for other computer tasks, too! Whether she’s gaming, working from home, or catching up on her favorite esports team via TV streaming, a comfy chair makes all the difference.

Mother’s Day tech gifts and high speed internet for the win

A girl sneaks up on her mom to give her some flowers and an awesome new Mother's day tech gift.

With so many awesome ideas to choose from, it’s easy to make sure your list of Mother’s Day tech gifts covers all the bases! From VR headsets to wireless surround-sound speakers, you’ll want to make sure your mom has everything she needs to take full advantage of Quantum Fiber’s high-speed internet services.

If you’re interested in more details about awesome online gaming capabilities and game-changing internet speeds, swing by our blog for more information on how Quantum Fiber can elevate anyone’s gameplay to the next level!

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