Latency and symmetrical speeds explained

by | Apr 10, 2023

An older woman browses her laptop using symmetrical speeds.
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Are you tired of slow upload and download speeds, and long auto-updates that steal chunks of time out of your workday? If you’re a gamer or film enthusiast, you know all about how lag and video buffering can get in the way of a good entertainment session. These are only a few of many common latency issues internet users face. Asymmetrical speeds can also play a role in these problems.

But what exactly is latency? And why is it so important to consider its relationship with symmetrical speeds for a seamless online experience? Let’s take a closer look.

What’s the difference between latency and bandwidth? With symmetrical speeds, the entire family enjoys streamlined browsing.

Before we get into symmetrical speeds, it’s important to consider the true meaning of latency. Many people mistakenly assume that terms like lag, latency, internet speed, and bandwidth all apply to the same thing. However, these factors can affect your internet connection in different ways. Luckily, an internet connection with symmetrical speeds can solve several issues at once.

But first, let’s clarify some of those terms:

Bandwidth” refers to data load. How much data are you uploading and downloading? If you’re just saving a document online, probably not much. But if you’re streaming your favorite TV series or playing your favorite massive multiplayer online video game, you’re moving plenty of data around. AKA, using lots of bandwidth.

Latency” refers to the amount of time it takes data to travel from your device to the server and back again. If you have internet with high latency, the data (or bandwidth) you use will tax your internet speeds by “filling up” your connection and taking longer to transport.

Both bandwidth and latency limitations can cause connectivity issues like long load times, laggy video, or dropped connections. If you don’t have symmetrical upload and download speeds to balance your data usage, then you’re bound to run into lagging and buffering issues. You could fix these delays and connection drops by lowering your latency or reducing your data usage. With symmetrical speeds through a high-speed internet provider like Quantum Fiber, you can solve connectivity problems without having to make that compromise.

How do symmetrical speeds and gig speeds work together?

Gig speed is also central when it comes to balanced symmetrical internet connectivity. Quantum Fiber’s professionally designed fiber network transmits data at the speed of light to give its customers an ultra-low latency connection. And luckily, you’ll be able to enjoy symmetrical speeds of up to 940 Mbps (megabits per second)* through Quantum Fiber.

*Speed may not be available in your area.

So who benefits from symmetrical speeds?

A group of gamer friends enjoying symmetrical speeds.

If you’re unsure about whether you need symmetrical speeds, consider how many aspects of your daily life depend on a secure, reliable internet connection—from home entertainment to quick, responsive work-from-home capabilities.

Symmetrical upload and download speeds affect a diverse range of groups, including the following:

Big households that use lots of data

Symmetrical internet optimizes bandwidth usage for bigger households, enabling you to streamline connectivity for multiple devices at once. Symmetrical speeds also help make online learning smoother and more engaging for students of all ages. Work meetings and online class sessions no longer have to fight over bandwidth!


If you know any serious gamers, you’ve probably heard them talking about latency! After all, lag and high ping resulting from poor latency can make or break a gaming victory. Whether you’re a member of a gaming party or have just one player in your household, you’ll want to ensure you have ideal internet speeds with low latency for gaming.

Symmetrical speeds give gamers a huge boost. They help optimize gaming performance, often smoothing out lag. By being able to upload data quickly, you’ll be able to respond to in-game action at lightning speeds! Optimized latency is especially important if you have an awesome gaming setup with lots of wireless gadgets.

Work-from-home designers or photographers

Do you work from home, just like so many other people these days? Better yet, do you work in a field that uses tons of data and cloud storage, such as graphic design or photography?

If you’re working with a lot of large files, that means lots of bandwidth for your internet connection to handle. If you’re struggling to balance uploading and downloading your files without symmetrical internet, you’re bound to face interruptions in your workday. Who wants to halt online project development and creative flow to wait on a slow cloud sync?

Anyone performing tasks that require lots of data backup

At-home workers who handle big files and move heavy data loads aren’t the only ones who can benefit from symmetrical speeds and low latency. The truth is, anyone who utilizes cloud storage could benefit from optimized latency. Whether you’re dealing with work files, game raids, cloud-based design projects, or distance-learning coursework, you should always back up your data!

Symmetrical speeds and low latency are the key to a seamless online experience

Symmetrical speeds allow this friend group to browse their phones in peace.

Symmetrical internet smooths out the balance between your upload and download speeds, optimizing both latency and bandwidth. And with symmetrical upload and download speeds through Quantum Fiber, you can say goodbye to lag, slow data backups, and other latency issues!

To find out more about how Quantum Fiber can help you minimize latency and bring out the full potential of all your high-quality tech gadgets, check out our blog.

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