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by | Feb 3, 2023

A cool gamer puts on her headphones and prepares to enjoy fast internet speeds for streaming video games.
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If you have big dreams of becoming a video game streaming celebrity, your internet speed will have to keep up! Although internet speeds for streaming video games can make or break your streaming career, speed is also important for other livestreaming activities such as talk shows, live music, and more.

Most tech fanatics already know how internet quality can affect viewers’ experiences. But how do internet speeds affect your overall experience as a streamer? Let’s dive into the details you’ll need to know about if you want your streaming channel to become the next big gaming streamer.

How do my internet speeds impact video game streaming?

Since many of the most popular streamers are gamers, internet speed is a huge factor in whether viewers keep coming back to your livestreaming channel or not. You don’t want to leave your audience members hanging if your stream glitches, lags, or drops off during an exciting match. The same concept applies to other types of content, too. During a talk show, no one wants to miss the punchline or lose chunks of an intriguing conversation. After all, your viewers have come to your stream to see what you have to say, so make sure you make it easy for them to tune in.

If you’re the type of streamer who aims to deliver the ultimate viewing experience, reliable, fast internet speeds for streaming video games are optimal. Streaming also involves a lot of heavy lifting in terms of data transfer, so you need plenty of bandwidth to pull off a great session and grow your following.

How much bandwidth do I need to stream?

Two friends enjoy a heated competition with fast internet speeds for streaming video games.

The recommended internet speeds for streaming video games sessions vary as broadly as the content categories you can enjoy on the platform. Different sites will recommend a range of minimum upload and download speeds that fall anywhere between 3 megabits per second (Mbps) and 10 Mbps. However, 3 Mbps is the usual minimum recommended upload speed for video game streaming across the board.

It may surprise some creators to learn that gaming streams require less bandwidth than other types of live video streams, depending on your resolution and quality settings. But gameplay still requires a lot of bandwidth compared to other types of internet usage. While the minimum upload speed for gaming streams remains at 3 Mbps, the minimum download speed is 5 Mbps. Download speed matters, even while you’re uploading your video stream—especially if you want to respond to viewers’ comments in real time!

To make sure none of your shining moments drop off the radar, take advantage of Quantum Fiber’s symmetrical internet speeds. When you have equal uploading and downloading power, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Your high-quality video game streams will broadcast smoothly, and you’ll be able to engage with your viewers just as quickly!

What about latency?

We’ve already discussed how greater bandwidth capacity can improve your livestreams by increasing the amount of data you can upload and download. But keep in mind that other critical factors like latency also come into play. The term “latency” refers to how quickly data travels from your device to a server and back again, making it a big factor for gaming content creators.

Having a reliable, low-latency internet connection while streaming is a huge deal. While gamers are especially familiar with how lag can turn a gaming match around completely, latency affects all types of streamers. Even if gaming lag isn’t an issue for you, latency can still interrupt your music, cause your viewers to miss thought-provoking moments on your talk show, or interfere with your livestream.

Quality internet with high gig speed can revolutionize your streams whether you’re chatting or gaming. Internet speeds for streaming video games can make or break the experience for streamers and viewers alike, so why settle for less when you could enjoy the benefits of Quantum Fiber?

Fast internet speeds for video games can improve streaming by supporting smart devices

Quantum Fiber internet can also make your streams way cooler by enabling you to fully use your IoT setup or your secured home network of smart devices. Creating the right mood for your latest video game stream makes all the difference in how your viewers feel about your content. High-speed internet enables you to unify all the “little things” that make the magic happen.

The high symmetrical speeds of Quantum Fiber’s WiFi 6 support smart speakers, wireless headphones or microphones, and even wireless lighting for better ambience. Even better, WiFi 6 accomplishes all of this while optimizing your bandwidth and reducing latency for seamless streaming.

Secure, reliable internet for smooth video game streaming

Fast internet speeds for streaming video games is important even on your phone!

The last thing you want is for a drop in internet connectivity to interfere with the best moments during your stream. Even if you can highlight them later, who wants to miss out on the real time action? Think of your own favorite video game streamers and remember all the great content you’d hate to have missed! If you’d like to compete with them, you’ll need the high internet speeds for streaming video games—so check out the advantages of high gig speed internet and WiFi 6.

To find out even more about excellent internet speeds for streaming gaming content, head over to our blog. Once you learn about the advantages of Quantum Fiber, you won’t want to stream without it.

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