Be yourself this fall with fiber internet built for the world of school

by | Aug 1, 2022

Be yourself with fiber internet from Quantum Fiber
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Are you ready to head back to school with up to 940 Mbps at your fingertips?* It doesn’t matter if you’re a busy parent seeking affordable internet without a contract for your child’s online classes, or a college student looking to decompress after class with some cutting-edge VR gaming. No matter who you are or what you need out of an internet provider, Quantum Fiber is there for you this back-to-school season to provide a seamless, reliable browsing experience.

Here are a few of the perks you can expect when you choose Quantum Fiber for your kids’ online classes or your college apartment:

Say goodbye to restrictive contracts

If you struggle with commitment issues when you think about long-winded internet contracts, you’re not alone. Luckily, Quantum Fiber is an internet service built with your convenience in mind. This means annual contracts won’t be part of the picture when you’re shopping for a new internet provider this fall. You’ll be free to enjoy the many benefits of fiber internet without anything holding you back. One of the greatest perks is knowing you aren’t tied down if you need to move mid-year. This makes Quantum Fiber the natural choice for college students switching apartments or moving back home for the summer.

And if the idea of browsing commitment-free at some of the fastest speeds on the market isn’t enough to convince you to make the switch, there are plenty of other awesome features Quantum Fiber can bring to your apartment—or living room—this fall.

Enjoy the freedom of working anytime, anywhere in your dorm or home

Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere

Have you ever settled down to watch an online lecture on your laptop, only to have your friend start blasting a movie across the room a couple minutes later? Wouldn’t it be nice to retreat to the quiet of your bedroom on the other side of the house? Well, with Quantum Fiber and all the incredible features we offer, such as wireless mesh networks, your computer is as mobile as you want it to be throughout your home.

You won’t be left chasing the strongest wireless signal anymore or wishing you could sit on the front porch and catch a break while your kids are tuned in to their online lessons. Quantum Fiber is a dynamic, adaptable internet provider that lets you lead the way instead of the other way around.

Even if you’re cooped up in a crowded apartment with limited space and several users streaming at once, bandwidth isn’t an issue with Quantum Fiber. With unlimited data and speeds all the way up to 940 Mbps*, you never have to worry about other users in the house slowing down your school day again.

Stand out from the crowd with unlimited data

When you head back to school this year, it’s time to be yourself. You need a reliable internet with you in mind. That’s Quantum Fiber! Here are just a few of the ways you can multitask and take advantage of our unlimited data:

  • A worry-free online shopping experience. Browse for clothes, dorm decorations, and back to school supplies that fit your interests and show off your personality—and always check out quickly and securely.
  • Trustworthy performance when you need it most. 99.9% reliability (based on network uptime or reliability) mean online lectures won’t lag or buffer halfway through, so you’ll spend less time waiting and more time living it up after class.
  • A seamless streaming adventure awaits. With Quantum Fiber, streaming videos and music is frustration-free, even if everyone else in the house is online at the same time. There’s no better way to unwind after a long day of online classes!
  • Faraway friends and family are closer than ever. Worried about leaving behind your loved ones this fall? Crystal-clear video calls at up to 940 Mbps* makes going off to school a lot easier!

Choose a STEM Award-winner who values internet diversity

Choosing a STEM winner who values internet diversity

If you’re looking for an internet provider who understands the need for diversity in the world of tech, Quantum Fiber is waiting for you. Our parent company designed an innovative imagineXperience specifically tailored to spread STEM knowledge to students in underserved communities around the world. The program had over 600 participants from Colorado to Zanzibar. Over 100 employees volunteered their time so these students could gain essential skills to help them thrive in an ever-changing digital world.

Aside from imagineXperience, our parent company even came in 14th place in the Top 50 Employers for STEM Diversity last year. So it’s easy to see Quantum Fiber understands the need for inclusivity on both a corporate and community level. And that’s why we’re inviting students who value workplace diversity to take advantage of our competitive pricing, with 99.9% reliability*, and super-fast internet service—and maybe even join our team someday!

Quantum Fiber: An internet as versatile as your interests

Quantum Fiber is as versatile as your interests

Finding the perfect internet without an annual contract is important—but not as important as being yourself and feeling confident when you head back to school this fall. Quantum Fiber is your missing piece this back-to-school season, whether you’re an after-class video game streaming legend or a stay-at-home parent helping four kids with homework and tests.

When you stop worrying about dropped calls and lagging videos, you’re free to learn and play on your own terms. And everything looks better at up to 940 Mbps. The future of the internet is here, and you can embrace it this school year with Quantum Fiber.

*Speed may not be available in your area. Based on network uptime or availability.

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