Whether you use the internet for work, school, or simply browsing the web, a fast, reliable connection helps you stay online and prevents frustration. For a fully connected space, upgrading your internet speed isn’t enough. Fast speeds are only helpful if you can access them from every part of your home or business space. If a traditional router doesn’t provide the coverage you need to stay fully connected, you might feel confined to the room where you keep your router. Or you may sense some sort of pressure to buy multiple router extenders. But with a wireless mesh network, you can move freely through your space without worrying about slowing down or losing your internet connection.

How do wireless mesh networks work?

While a traditional WiFi network relies on a single router, a mesh network employs multiple WiFi sources placed around your home or business. Called points or nodes, these devices wirelessly connect to each other without a router. Each node broadcasts WiFi from its location, providing greater coverage than you might get from a standard router with a limited connection range. Adding more nodes increases the network footprint. This makes wireless mesh networks a beneficial choice for large single-family homes, multi-family buildings, small businesses, and even public city WiFi access.

Benefits of a wireless mesh network

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Because WiFi mesh networks are scalable, they help provide more consistent coverage throughout each room. And it’s easy to bring additional nodes into hard-to-cover areas like a corner bedroom, perhaps. Unlike WiFi range extenders, extra wireless mesh network nodes provide greater coverage without reducing bandwidth or speed.

The benefits of wireless mesh networks don’t stop at coverage. Because each node is connected to several other nodes, they offer increased reliability. When a traditional router goes offline, the entire network will be affected. But if a single mesh network node goes down, your WiFi will be rerouted through another point.

Setting up a wireless mesh network in your home

Whether you’re a current or new Quantum Fiber customer, setting up a wireless mesh network is easy. Either order 360 WiFi or add it to your current service, and we’ll deliver ready-to-activate pods. You’ll even be able to install your service through the Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app. After downloading the app on your smart device, follow the step-by-step setup process. Once you set up your wireless mesh network, you can control it with the app. Your first pod will connect directly to your modem. Any additional pods should be evenly spaced between your modem and the farthest devices in your home or business space.

Other ways to maximize your technology

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With computers, smartphones, video game systems, and smart home technology all connecting to your home internet at once, a fast and reliable internet connection can significantly impact your daily life. Wireless mesh networks ensure all your devices stay connected by expanding your WiFi coverage with improved reliability. Find answers to your questions about 360 WiFi or learn more ways to get the most out of your home technology by exploring the articles on the Quantum Fiber blog.