Why you should replace old tech

by | Apr 26, 2023

Senior woman using old tech
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Not everyone wants the latest upgrade. Some of us are happy with our trusty iPhone 6 and the same laptop we’ve been toting around since 2012—and there’s nothing wrong with that (if it still works)! Well, except for one important thing: You could actually be putting yourself at risk by holding onto that old tech.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why laptops, computers, smartphones, and other devices need to be replaced regularly.

Your warranty may be expired

While each company policy differs, warranties on laptops and desktops usually last anywhere from one to three years. That’s because, after three years, it’s probably time to replace your device. Manufacturer warranties on smartphones typically cover you if:

  • The battery fails to hold a charge
  • The phone arrives with damage to the screen
  • The screen turns green
  • The phone overheats and shuts off

But once the warranty is up, your coverage ends. This could mean expensive repairs for you if your keyboard or monitor suddenly stops working. The good news is that many companies offer extended warranties after your coverage has expired.

Senior woman using old tech

Your security may be at risk

Older devices may pose security risks to users. As companies release new and improved devices, they update their software and applications to support newer systems. This means that older devices are left behind. Without regular updates to the software, like security patches or bug fixes, older technology can become vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals and malware, putting both your device and your personal information at risk.

Your accessories may not work anymore

While your device may work just fine, some accessories aren’t made to last, and most aren’t universal. As connectors, adaptors, and ports change with advances in technology, you might not be able to find the parts you need if something breaks. Without the right accessories, your device may become useless. If your device’s charger breaks and you can’t find a replacement on the market, it’s probably time to upgrade to a new device.

Your system may keep crashing

We live in the world of “now,” where we often don’t have time to wait for a page to load. Whether you’re using your devices for work, school, or personal use, you need your tech to run smoothly and efficiently. If your device keeps crashing, your valuable time is being wasted. While you might think you’re saving money by keeping old tech around, you could be losing time and money in the end.

Senior man listening to music

You may need more speed

Say your technology doesn’t crash, but it is slow as a snail. Your older device quite likely doesn’t run as quickly as to the rest of the connected world around you. If you need more speed to get through your day-to-day tasks and complete your goals, your device itself could be the one thing holding you back—especially if you have lightning-fast fiber internet. Hearing the fans run loudly on your computer is an indicator it isn’t processing efficiently. Not to mention that noise can be annoying or even embarrassing, especially in front of potential clients or your boss.

Older tech can also drag your other devices down with it. If you have an old computer running on the same network as your brand-new phone or laptop, the older device will slow down your connection. It’s worth the money to replace your noisy computer so you can stream with confidence.

What should you do with old tech?

You might be wondering what to do with your old tech after it’s been replaced. After all, e-waste is a growing issue in the technology age. The good news is that you can donate your old devices to be refurbished sustainably. Recycling centers will also accept your old tech so it can be reused and recycled. Disposing of technology responsibly is an important part of sustainable living.

What do you do with your old tech? Leave us a comment below. Check out more great articles to boost your web knowledge at Quantum Fiber’s Internet Essentials!

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