Cool tech gadgets for gaming: Bluetooth gaming chairs, mechanical keyboards, and more

by | Mar 20, 2023

A girl focuses intently on her game, showing the full potential of bluetooth gaming chairs.
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If you’re already a seasoned gamer, you’re probably dreaming of the next way to deck out your setup. After all, how can you achieve the ultimate gaming experience without cutting-edge tech? Imagine going fully wireless with Bluetooth connectivity and incredible internet speeds for your newest gadgets. Let’s explore the types of accessories you can get for your new setup, like Bluetooth gaming chairs, futuristic keyboards, and more. 

Go wireless with Bluetooth gaming chairs and other awesome accessories 

Everyone knows how frustrating it feels to get tangled in wires or have their mouse cable snag on the desk corner and cost a winning move. How many times have you stood up to grab something, only to get yanked back by your headphone cord?  

When you go wireless, you’ll be able to keep your head in the game instead of worrying about clunky accessories. But you’ll need customizable, high-speed internet with 360 WiFi to avoid connection confusion and manage your data usage.  

Bluetooth gaming chairs, gaming keyboards, and more 

When it comes to decking out your gaming den, the sky’s the limit! Between smart home technology, high-speed internet capabilities, and WiFi mesh networks that fortify your connection’s reliability, the ultimate gaming experience is calling your name. 

Remember: The more wireless devices you have, the more connections there are for your WiFi network to handle. But don’t let that stop you. All you’ll need to do is get strategic about where you place the pods for your 360 WiFi mesh network to keep all your awesome gadgets connected and interacting flawlessly.  

Bluetooth gaming chairs, keyboards, and more

Two young men with headphones enjoying their bluetooth gaming chairs.

Now that you’ve gotten the controls all set up for your winning command station, it’s time to play in ultimate comfort! There are several features to consider when shopping for an incredible Bluetooth gaming chair. How do you weigh comfy features like a padded footrest and armrests against audio and speaker quality? No matter what features you prioritize, you’ll want to secure high internet speeds so that your audio and video pair seamlessly!  

Gaming keyboards and mice 

Many gamers balk at the idea of a wireless keyboard since it’s their primary control hub, wondering if mechanical keyboards are better for gaming instead. After all, you’d never want to slip up on a key move! Luckily, most high-end wireless gaming keyboards are considered indistinguishable from their wired counterparts, with delightfully low latency and enduring battery life 

For a good gaming mouse, you want something lightweight that comes with a variety of advanced controls and customizable buttons specifically geared toward common gaming commands. And, of course, you want it to be wireless so that nothing will trip you up when it matters most!   

Wireless gaming headsets 

With a wireless gaming headset, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up mid-game. You can even connect via Bluetooth to enjoy all kinds of other perks. Consider features like a noise-cancelling mic and compatibility with multiple gaming consoles while you shop. You can also adjust your spec priorities based on your choice of Bluetooth gaming chairs!  

Smart speakers and monitors 

There are all kinds of wireless and Bluetooth speakers available if you prefer surround sound for your entire room. You can choose based on looks and extra features. Or you can prioritize smart home capabilities for seamless integration into your smart home gaming cave!  

Oh, and what about a great monitor? You’ll definitely need a high-end screen if you’re going to enjoy all the newest games at their best and make the most of your top-tier graphics card. In fact, you can even hook up a TV to your PC setup as a monitor with HD clarity 

High speed internet is the missing piece

To make the most of your cool new devices, you’re going to need an equally cutting-edge internet connection! Many new games are hard on graphics cards to begin with, and each new tech gadget you add to the mix will require even more speed. And you really don’t want to deal with latency or lag issues, so make sure you’re on the right internet plan for gaming 

Another factor to consider is the symmetrical upload and download speeds offered through Quantum Fiber. Using symmetrical speeds will help ensure you aren’t working with unbalanced responsiveness in-game while you’re communicating with your buddies or immersing yourself in an open-world experience.  

And don’t forget about the advantages of Quantum Fiber’s 360 WiFi. When you set up a mesh network, it can learn how you utilize your internet coverage while gaming and optimize accordingly. 360 WiFi is also smart, making it compatible with all your favorite smart home devices you might use for gaming!  

Besides, you don’t want your various wireless gaming devices to compete for bandwidth. And you don’t want to compete with anyone else in your household for general bandwidth usage either. As a final security measure, make sure you protect your WiFi network with a strong password so no one can sap your internet speeds and interfere with your next big raid!  

Enhance your playtime with Bluetooth gaming chairs

A girl researches bluetooth gaming chairs on her fancy gaming keyboard.

So, what’s next? Do you need a new headset to communicate with your teammates. Or are you more interested in Bluetooth gaming chairs for a comfy gaming sanctuary? When you already have a great gaming PC, sweet accessories and a speedy internet connection can take things to the next level.  

When you’ve picked the next additions to your collection of high-tech gaming gadgets, make sure you stop by our blog for more information on how Quantum Fiber’s 360 WiFi can provide you with the strong, fast, low-latency connection you need!  

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