Help guard your business from cybersecurity threats with 360 WiFi

by | Oct 27, 2022

Man learning how to avoid cybersecurity threats
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There’s nothing worse than joining an important meeting only to find that your sound is garbled and your video lags. Well, maybe there is: Having all your company’s data compromised by a cyberattack! Luckily, 360 WiFi from Quantum Fiber can decrease the chances of both. Read on to learn how you can browse without fear and safeguard yourself from cybersecurity threats with this cutting-edge network solution for your business.

What is 360 WiFi and how does it work?

360 WiFi creates a mesh system that blankets your office space, offering the clearest connection where—and when—you need it most. This powerful wireless mesh network is smart enough to communicate with all your devices and prioritize the connection through the node closest to you, even as you move from room-to-room. Placing WiFi pods around your business can elevate all your devices to peak performance, so you’ll always be running at the best possible speed no matter where you are in the office.

Plus, with our innovative 360 WiFi app, your network is totally customizable. All it takes is a few clicks to:

  • Disable WiFi on certain devices. This feature is incredibly useful if malicious activity is detected or insider threats are suspected. For example, if an employee suspects they’re going to be terminated that day and shows signs of destructive intent, you can disable WiFi on all their devices—which cuts off network access before they can do any damage.
  • Create worry-free access controls. Following the Principle of Least Privilege is easy with our future-ready WiFi network. You’ll gain instant insights into who has access to sensitive data. And if you determine an employee’s privileges don’t align with their job duties, it’s easy to reconfigure them straight from the app.
  • Manage guest access without the hassle. Say goodbye to your old-fashioned guest network. (It may have been a breeding ground for cybercrime) With 360 WiFi, you’ll be able to monitor and control all outsider activity on your network. Kicking off misbehaving guests is easier than ever. And you’ll even be able to set an expiration date for guest passwords, so no one lurks around on your network for a moment longer than intended.

But the benefits don’t end there. Since you can scatter your 360 WiFi pods across a 2,500-foot radius (or far greater, if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of bandwidth) the service is ideal for offices both large and small. It’s easy to set up many different devices and implement the appropriate access controls every time you gain a new employee—making user provisioning easier than ever.

In other words, 360 WiFi is a dream come true for any small business owner who wants to take control of their network and protect their assets from cybersecurity threats.

What are the top cybersecurity threats and how can 360 WiFi protect my business from them?

Woman looking at phone, learning how to avoid cybersecurity threats

Now that you know about all the amazing security features 360 WiFi has to offer, let’s take a look at some of the top cybersecurity threats. At the same time, we’ll learn how 360 WiFi can keep your data and personally identifying information safe.

Forgot your manual updates? No problem

Our adaptive WiFi works around the clock to protect your business by updating its centralized Cloud controller software. You won’t have to worry about manually updating firmware on your individual devices. Plus, your new 360 WiFi network will continuously monitor surrounding networks to avoid interference, minimizing risk and vastly decreasing the chance of bad actors getting through.

Your IoT devices won’t be sitting ducks anymore

Your network is only as strong as its weakest device, and with 360 WiFi, cybercriminals are far less likely to breach it by targeting your smart devices. IoT products such as smart cameras and TVs are some of the easiest targets out there in the cyber world. However, our 360 WiFi offers advanced IoT protection that comes equipped with anomaly detection. This constantly monitors all your smart devices and quarantines them from the second they enter an unknown domain. And you don’t even have to worry about zero-day attacks, since our anomaly detection isn’t reliant on known risks.

Real-time protection from phishing, vishing, and smishing

Woman with her head in her hands

With so many laptops, phones, tablets, and other devices running wild in your office, the threat of phishing—and similar schemes such as vishing and smishing—is constant. But with 360 WiFi, your network has a global threat intelligence service at its back.

Your new 360 WiFi network will constantly scan over 27 billion known URLs, along with 600 million domains. It then classifies them by threat level and blocks access to phishing links, bots, malware, and other threats. Put simply, if an absentminded employee falls for a phishing scam and clicks a malicious link in their email, 360 WiFi stops their device in its tracks. This keeps your network safe and greatly reduces the chance of data theft and other top cybersecurity threats.

Top-tier malware prevention

Malware is the cybersecurity bane of every small business, especially with the threat of ransomware attacks increasing rapidly. Luckily, the same protections that safeguard your business from phishing apply to malware as well. Plus, you’ll feel confident knowing our IP protection services block inbound and outbound connections to known harmful IP addresses. You can even apply content rules to specific devices, so certain users can’t stray too far from work-related sites and increase their chances of stumbling across malicious code. Even experienced social engineers will have a much harder time penetrating your defenses with 360 WiFi.

Built in ad-blocking for a smooth, safe browsing experience

Mother and daughter enjoying life without any cybersecurity threats

Our 360 WiFi also comes with built in ad-blocking, reducing your chances of a security incident even further. Our ad-blocking software prevents access to many known ad servers that spam users while watching videos or browsing the web. And since some users are bound to fall for common cybersecurity threats like the Windows 10 Virus Popup, it’s best to stop the problem before it starts with 360 WiFi.

Minimize your risk of cybersecurity threats with Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi

Whether you and your employees are working out of a bustling office or the comfort of home, our 360 WiFi provides you with the speed and security you need to stay ahead of the competition. You and your employees will enjoy a smoother connection, along with privacy and protection from top cybersecurity threats.

To secure a top-tier mesh network for your business, sign up for 360 WiFi today. And don’t forget to check out our blog to stay ahead of all the latest cybersecurity threats!

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