What is an internet security suite?

by | Feb 20, 2023

A mother takes a photo of her family on her phone, knowing their data is safe with an internet security suite.
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Cyber threats are a harsh reality that many small businesses and work-from-home employees have faced—and never want to face again! Improving small business internet security is a must, especially if you have employees working remotely on their own devices. An internet security suite is a great way to upgrade your data protection game.

Consider the sensitive data you handle every day, such as payroll, third-party vendor information, private business strategies, and employees’ personal information. You’ll want to keep everything as secure as possible to avoid threats to your finances, employees’ identities, and company image. So where do you start?

What can internet security suites do for you?

Let’s start with what makes a good internet security suite. Security suite software gives you a complete cyber defense package that spans multiple devices. These software packages come with various features bundled together into customized defense systems that prevent malware, phishing, and other attacks.

But what exactly can a reliable internet security suite do to help keep your information safe? Well, small business internet security starts with maintaining a secure online connection that protects data shared between you, the organization, and all your team members.

You’ll also want to utilize features like password management capabilities, data encryption, and high-speed internet compatibility. With a safe and speedy connection through Quantum Fiber, you’ll be more concerned with your internet security suite keeping up with your gig speed (if you have it) and bandwidth than vice versa! And, depending on your small business’s unique needs and location, you may be able to take advantage of multi-gig speeds as well.

What are some of the best internet security suites?

Kids on their laptops enjoy the protection of an internet security suite.

Luckily, there are plenty of helpful guides out there to help you compare features and select the best internet security suite software for you and your team. But to make things easy, here’s a roundup of some user favorites.

Each of these suites offers a comparable set of basic security features. But there’s plenty of variance between cloud storage, data protection types, and the number of devices you can manage.

These internet security suites have proven themselves against all kinds of online threats:

  • Bitdefender: Consider this one if you want a limitless VPN, a delightfully user-friendly interface, and plenty of extra security features.
  • Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi: 360 WiFi from Quantum Fiber is a great choice to keep users safe from digital harm like malware and identity theft. And even better, you won’t have to sacrifice speed for security! Quantum Fiber’s 360 WiFi comes with a built-in firewall that’s ready to defend you from common cyber threats.
  • Norton: Users appreciate this package’s LifeLock identity protection, anti-malware features, password manager, and extra add-ons.
  • Kaspersky Total Security: This internet security suite offers excellent stalkerware protection, a secure browser for online transactions, and malware protection. It covers five devices, making it a great option for more niche management or financial teams.
  • ESET Smart Security Premium: This suite offers network protection, password management, and cutting-edge cloud analysis to spot potential threats.
  • Trend Micro Maximum Security: Trend’s popular user interface sets off features like URL filtering, ransomware protection, and social media privacy tools alongside highly reputable virus protection.
  • Avast One: If you’re interested in a full VPN, a highly rated antivirus engine, and internal data breach protection, Avast One is a good go-to internet security suite.
  • Bullguard Premium Protection: Alongside the usual security features, this package comes with perks like network vulnerability scanners and protection for up to 15 devices, making it especially useful for larger teams.

How do I pick the right security suite for me?

While any option listed here could save you plenty of trouble in a digital emergency, each company’s security stress points are unique. So, you’ll want to brainstorm a bit. Evaluate your biggest priorities and make a checklist of everything you want, to get the most out of a small business internet security suite.

It can be tricky to pick between so many good choices, but there are a few key questions you can use to gauge how your business operations and security suite would jive together:

  • What type of data is most sensitive or highest priority?
  • How big is your small business’s budget?
  • What team or building size are you working with?
  • Do you have a hybrid team that includes on-site and remote workers?

If your company is more fast-paced or works with heavy quantities of data, you’re probably wondering how to boost your security without losing speed. After all, you want to safeguard while optimizing performance instead of reducing productivity.

If you’re struggling to decide between various security suites, prioritizing speed and usability can help you narrow things down. The built-in security features that Quantum Fiber offers through our 360 WiFi can help you guard against hackers that commonly target small businesses and give you peace of mind.

Upgrade your business with an internet security suite

A young woman smiles while working on her laptop, knowing her internet security suite keeps her safe.

No one wants to deal with security threats or data breaches, no matter what team size or data load they’re working with. Instead, you want high internet speeds that allow you to jump online with a secure connection and install your internet security suite without any delays. Don’t hesitate to refer to our list of favorites again if you struggle to decide, and stay smart with good password protection and other personal security measures in the meantime.

For more information on how Quantum Fiber can help you keep an eye on your small business safety, swing by our blog. With a secure, fast 360 WiFi connection and a great internet security suite at your back, your small business network will become a vault!

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