Internet of things security issues explained

by | Mar 2, 2023

Two kids use a smart home thermostat, practicing good internet of things security.
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The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to a system of hard devices that use sensors to connect via computing systems to form a network. These devices could be anything from your desktop gaming computer or laptop to your tablet, phone, or another mobile device. But not everyone considers the importance of Internet of Things security vulnerabilities and challenges. There are all kinds of pros and cons that come with your IoT system. It’s important to make sure you’re taking advantage of its benefits safely.

How can I benefit from IoT systems?

The beauty of the IoT is that the networks involved can be either wired or wireless. So, you can have a wired network setup for your home or small business to connect all your devices to local WiFi for better security. Or if you have a more active and fast-paced lifestyle, you can opt for a wireless IoT system that connects handheld devices instead.

Smart home setups, alongside portable gadgets like smartwatches that connect to your IoT network no matter where you go, are great examples of how IoT technology works. Multiple devices connect to each other as well as to a cloud, syncing regularly to back up your data. But how do you ensure your data is backed up on the cloud for your advantage and not for someone else’s malicious intentions?

How secure is the Internet of Things?

A man looks at his phone and a smart home monitoring camera, ensuring he has good internet of things security.

Unfortunately, common problems with Internet of Things security can run rampant if left unchecked. The primary risk with your IoT is high vulnerability to cyberattacks. If you’re on the move, your IoT devices will seek out whichever cloud computing connection is closest (and least taxing to connect to). This opens your network to all kinds of dangers, such as data breaches and a jarring loss of personal security.

Many IoT devices are too compact and simplistic to handle the computational power required for good built-in security measures. The broad reach of your IoT system may be convenient, but it also increases the attack surface of your personal network and gives hackers more opportunities to strike.

People use billions of IoT devices each day. If your IoT network includes a variety of devices, especially portable ones that are too lightweight to support security features of their own, you’ll have to rely on network security to do the heavy lifting.

Personal risks that come with IoT

Many of the risks associated with cyberattacks sound like overblown urban legends, but the threats are real. Yes, people actually can hack your webcam to obtain and post private footage without your consent. And alongside the inherent creep factor of webcam hacks, you may also find yourself the victim of cyberstalking and identity theft.

People who skulk around the internet and get footage of you could post private videos online or even stream live footage without your consent. Once you’re out there, stalkers can also post your personal info alongside personal pictures and videos of you, making you vulnerable both online and in real life. Your personal information is then available online for anyone to access and use for scams, catfishing, and identity theft without you even knowing it. Hackers can sometimes even use stolen footage of you for extortion.

The core of internet of things security issues

The broad attack surface of your IoT opens up your personal life (or business) to threats like malware as well. Your IoT network has so many access points that are unable to defend themselves—smart watches, smart home hubs, and more. You can’t afford to leave Internet of Things security vulnerabilities and challenges as an afterthought.

On top of your IoT network’s worrisome attack surface, the security on most IoT devices is disappointingly flimsy. The lack of processing power to support built-in security will leave you vulnerable to dangerous cyberattacks unless you look beyond the surface and lock down your entire network with a secure router. Switching to a 360 WiFi mesh network enables you to use a router with built-in security features that can help protect your IoT system—and your digital life.

So how can you revolutionize your internet of things security?

A young girl uses a smart home thermostat, keeping internet of things security in mind.

Using a secure, high-speed connection with 360 WiFi through Quantum Fiber gives you the ability to safeguard your entire network. The weak data protection that compromises so many IoT devices can be improved with the built-in security suite that comes with our 360 WiFi. Alongside higher internet speeds that make your IoT network even more convenient to use, you’ll have way less to worry about when it comes to protecting your personal data!

Just make sure you always use extra-strong password protection through a good password manager with a strong master password. The one that comes with our McAfee security suite bundle is a great choice! You can also take measures to secure your IoT smart home setup so you can kick back and enjoy browsing or gaming sessions or family movie nights in peace. You don’t want someone to breach your network security and drop in on your smart devices to listen in on what you’re doing!

Can you safely take advantage of the IoT?

A family uses internet of things security to enter their home with a smart lock device.

Absolutely—with Quantum Fiber’s high-speed secure internet, built-in cybersecurity features and password protection through 360 WiFi, you’ll be able to take solace in knowing your IoT network is both safe and enjoyable. What IoT device do you use the most—either in your smart home setup or on the go?

All those Internet of Things security vulnerabilities and challenges that once kept you up at night will become a thing of the past when you take advantage of a thoroughly secured internet connection with Quantum Fiber. Make sure you stop by our blog for more helpful information on how you can enjoy your personal IoT network stress-free!

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