Ultimate internet for gaming: Build a gaming PC

by | Jan 20, 2023

A young man dives into internet for gaming on multiple screens!
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If you’re a true gamer, you may have wondered about creating a customized PC for your very own personalized experience. But what do you need to build a gaming PC, anyway? Many gamers already know the basics, like how a high-end CPU and memory upgrades can speed things up. But things can get complicated fast with internet for gaming. Let’s clear up the confusion so you can fight, race, and adventure like never before!

What makes a custom gaming PC special?

A young woman enjoys internet for gaming.

When it comes to internet for gaming with new multiplayer online games, it’s all about speed. Sometimes you need to leap into the fray and save a teammate or snipe the opportunity for the perfect shot.

Low-quality PC components, low bandwidth, and high latency all affect gamers. But latency is usually the biggest culprit when it comes to lag. And you can’t have slow internet speed with high latency holding you back during crucial moments.

But we’ll address internet speed for gaming in a minute. First, let’s get you started on your new build!

What do you need to build a gaming PC?

Make sure you research the best brands out there and read reviews on your favorite brands’ components. But no matter your brand of choice, you’ll need a few key parts if you want to make the most of internet for gaming:

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit): This is the core of your computer that does all the processing work. This way, the other components can run your favorite games. Depending on how intense your gaming habits are, you may want to get two for a multi-core processor.
  • Graphics card: Also known as the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or video card, this is the essential part that makes all those graphics pop!
  • RAM (Random Access Memory): You can think of your RAM as a sort of “loading dock” for commonly accessed data. Your gaming PC will load the game files onto your RAM, making it run faster than it would if it were run directly from the hard drive. Get plenty. The more you have, the faster your game will run.
  • Hard drive(s): You could get a classic hard disk drive (HDD) or a solid-state drive (SSD)—or both. Either way, the hard drive is where your computer stores data long-term when you aren’t accessing it through your RAM.
  • Power supply: You’ll need a way to power up your awesome internet for gaming system and start playing. The power supply enables you to plug your PC into a power outlet, which makes it an essential component.
  • Motherboard: The motherboard is the key piece that brings everything together, connecting all your other components for optimal functionality and performance.
  • Case: The motherboard and all other parts of your gaming PC are mounted inside the case of your gaming PC.
  • Internet cables: Many popular games today require an excellent internet connection: especially all things massive multiplayer online, arena, or first-person shooter. Get some good internet cables, like CAT6 or CAT6e, to connect your PC to high-speed internet and support maximum bandwidth.

Once you’ve gathered all your hardware, check out some good assembly tutorials to make sure you’re putting everything where it belongs. Then, once you install your operating system, start downloading your favorite games!

How does speed impact internet for gaming?

Internet for gaming with a cool light up keyboard and mouse.

Now that the technical questions have been broken down, you’re probably wondering if there’s anything else you should know before you dive into internet for gaming.

No matter how awesome your graphics card or processing unit is, your internet connection is ultimately the “gatekeeper” of gameplay speeds. Basically, if your bandwidth and latency aren’t optimal, you’re in trouble. You still might not be able to ace your next PvP match or unlock that achievement you’ve been after.

Let’s break that down. Bandwidth is the amount of data you’ll need to transfer, and how quickly you can transfer that data load. Latency refers to the time it takes for that data to loop between your computer and its destination, such as an online gaming server.

Upgrading your internet speed is a huge factor in reducing latency—but not all internet connectivity is the same! No matter how casually you play, you’ll need high speed internet for gaming.

Wired or wireless: Which will win?

Is wired or wireless internet better for gaming? The shortest answer is that it depends on your preference. Many hardcore gamers tend to opt for the reliability and speed of a wired internet connection. However, Quantum Fiber’s symmetrical upload and download speeds can really optimize your bandwidth and smooth out in-game interactions, too.

If you have other devices that you like to use throughout the house or love cutting-edge VR gaming with wearables, you’ll probably still want a WiFi connection. The speeds of WiFi 6 are ideal for this. You also may want to consider using your new WiFi 6 capabilities for setting up a mesh network to streamline your gameplay.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Accessorizing your freshly built gaming PC is where the fun begins. What kinds of keyboards and mice will go best with the case you chose? Do you have a favorite brand of speakers? If you crave a big, high-quality picture, you can even connect your PC to your Smart TV instead of a monitor and enjoy your favorite games in 4K clarity.

Speaking of smart devices, you can use smart speakers and controls in your smart home to set up an entire surround sound system in your gaming den. With the wireless connectivity of WiFi 6, you can enjoy extra convenience alongside internet speed. This creates an incredible gaming environment!

Enjoy internet for gaming with your home-built gaming PC!

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What component are you most excited to add to your gaming PC? Once you get the latest set of computer parts made for internet for gaming, make sure you get everything set up for your next big win with Quantum Fiber.

While you’re busy installing your favorite old games (and some new ones), don’t forget to head over to our blog to learn more about how high-speed internet can help guide you and your team to victory!

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