5 reasons to upgrade your network interface device

by | May 3, 2022

A technician installing a fiber optic cable
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Let’s face it. The internet isn’t going anywhere. People rely on their home connection now more than ever. You might work from home, shop online, or use smart devices to run your household. But poor wiring can cause you to experience slow internet speeds, interrupted connections, and low bandwidth with your home internet. If you’ve been dealing with issues like these, upgrading your network interface device can help.

NID meaning: What is a network interface device?

A network interface device (NID) is a panel, typically placed outside your home or in your basement, that connects your in-home wiring to your internet provider’s loop wiring. This connection allows you to have in-home telecommunication services, such as internet, home phone, etc. Some common types of NIDs your service provider might offer are the regular NID, an Intelligent NID (INID), and an Optical Network Terminal (ONT).

A regular NID is a basic panel that covers the external wiring. An INID is a panel that is typically placed on the side of your home, but it includes a hard, weather-resistant panel that provides more protection for the external wires. Some INIDs also connect to an indoor unit and include a battery backup in the case of an electrical power outage. An ONT is a type of network interface device that is used for fiber optic cables. ONTs usually connect to your home’s electrical power source, but some ONTs have optional battery backups as well. Upgrading from a regular NID to an INID or ONT can improve your home internet experience by providing the following benefits:

1. Provide better outside protection

Person using a Network Interface Device for better outside protection

While a basic NID covers the external wiring, upgrading your network interface device offers even more protection outside. NIDs with tougher designs, like an INID, add protection against lightning, rain, and strong winds. Some INIDs will pick up the severe weather conditions outside, and they’ll use a repeater method to regenerate your internet’s signal and retransmit it to your other in-home wires.

2. Easier to bundle your services

If you want to double or triple-play your services, you should upgrade your network interface device. Using an INID instead of a regular NID can give you access to DSL internet, TV and VoIP home phone. An INID allows you to test the connections of the services on an individual level. If your internet connection drops, but your connection is fine, an INID can help you troubleshoot the wiring that’s only affecting your internet. You can also use an INID to troubleshoot your home phone when your internet and TV connections are fine.

3. Get technical support before you know you need it

Upgrading your network interface device to an INID or ONT can help get you immediate technical support. Some INIDs have alarm indication signals that alert your service provider if something goes wrong with your lines. The lights on an INID sometimes look like the lights on your router. When the INID alerts your service provider about an issue, it’ll also adjust the lights on your router to alert you that there’s an issue with your connection. Some service providers can also remotely access your INID and ONT to help resolve connection issues without having to come directly to your home.

4. Get the fastest speeds available to you

Woman using Network Interface Device to get faster internet speeds

If you want extremely fast speeds, you should check to see if fiber optic internet is available in your area. Fiber optic internet speeds can be 10 to 20 times faster than your typical DSL internet speeds. If you want fiber internet, you’ll need to upgrade your network internet device to an ONT. The ONT will protect the fiber optic connections outside of your home and help you get the fast speeds you sign up for.

5. Internet access during a power outage

Upgrading your network interface device can also help you if your home’s power goes out. More advanced NIDs, such as INIDs and ONTs, have optional backup batteries that keep you connected even when your electricity isn’t working properly. Your home internet and VoIP home phone will still operate through the connected wiring and the backup power source.

Get the most out of your internet service

Faster internet speeds and a steadier connection for your in-home telecommunications services are great reasons you should consider upgrading your network interface device. A more advanced NID, such as an INID or an ONT, provide more protection during dangerous weather and help you get your technical issues addressed quickly. Ready to learn more? Visit the Quantum Fiber blog to learn ways you can get the most out of your home internet service.

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