Small Business Fiber: The Key to Business Running Smoothly

by | Dec 14, 2023

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Small business internet: the beating heart of your company

The internet powers business. It’s essential to how we work, shop, and connect, whether that’s with customers, friends, or family.

At the center of every internet-enabled conversation or transaction is an internet connection. Small businesses need reliable, fast service that’s stable, affordable, and future-ready. When you open for business, you need to know that everything will work exactly as it should. Anything less could mean lost revenue and productivity. That’s why so many business owners choose business fiber internet.

What is small business internet service?

Business internet is a level of service specifically designed for business. It has all the features and functions necessary to operate a small business and connect employees, systems, and customers. Speed, reliability, and flexibility are among the most important benefits of a small business internet solution. 

  • Speed. Broadband internet from cable and telephone companies used to be good enough. No more. Modern business applications require the ultra-fast speeds offered by fiber connections to support workers making video calls, streaming video, listening to music, and transferring large files.
  • Reliability. Reliability means the internet is always available and delivers the speeds you expect. Business fiber from Quantum Fiber is 99.9% reliable based on network uptime or availability with consistent speeds upstream and down. And you won’t experience slowdowns during peak times or have to share bandwidth across organizations or offices.
  • Flexibility. Business needs change rapidly, and that applies to your internet service. Whether you need more bandwidth, want to reduce your speed to save money, or need to discontinue service, a contract shouldn’t stand in your way.

In addition, small business internet should be secure, easy to manage, and simple to setup.

360 WiFiTM for small business

The right small business WiFi network blankets your workspace in coverage so that every computer and device has access. Mesh networks use a router and a series of smart pods to cover any space. The pods communicate with each other to pass traffic seamlessly. They also self-optimize so data flows across multiple paths on the network. If one pod stops working, the others adjust to handle the load.

360 WiFi is included with every Quantum Fiber business fiber account. We provide all the hardware you need to set up your network. Start by downloading our smart device app to guide you through setup. It will help you place your pods in the best locations, configure your security settings, and manage who can use your network and what they can do online.

Security for small business internet

Small businesses are attractive targets for cybercriminals who scan the web for unsecured networks and devices. Once they gain access, the result can be devastating. Data loss, ransomware, and network-crippling DDOS attacks cause disruptions that are expensive and time consuming. Security breaches can also damage your reputation and expose your organization to legal action.

The best way to avoid a hack is to secure your network and data. The 360 WiFi app includes security features designed to help prevent unauthorized access. You can help hide your network from hackers, set strong passwords, and monitor your network for suspicious activities. In addition, be sure all devices, applications, and systems are secured with passwords and that they are protected from theft. You should also perform regular backups so you can restore data easily in the event of a breach.

Business fiber

Business fiber from Quantum Fiber is a great small business internet solution. It’s ultra-fast and comes in speeds up to 8 Gig where available, delivering 99.9% reliability based on network uptime or availability. That means you can count on a fast and available internet connection to be up and running when you need it.

Business Fiber from Quantum Fiber doesn’t slow down when other people in your office building or neighborhood are using it. There are no annual contracts or long-term commitments, either. All business fiber plans renew monthly, and there’s no penalty for changing or disconnecting your service.

Learn more about the benefits of fiber internet and why business fiber from Quantum Fiber is a great choice for your business.

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