Tips for Setting Up A Small Business Network

by | Dec 15, 2023

Small business owner uses a small business network setup
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How to set up a small business network

Your computer network is the hub of your small business, helping you operate efficiently and effectively. A fast, reliable network allows employees to share files and resources, collaborate on projects, and access the internet seamlessly. It also provides a secure environment to protect sensitive business data. Setting up a small business network isn’t complicated, but it does take some planning.

Small business network setup guide

The first step in planning your network is to map out your requirements. Start by answering the following questions:

To help you answer these questions, let’s look at the components your network will likely require and what functions they perform:

  • Modem
  • Routers and switches
  • Ethernet cables and/or a mesh network device
  • Firewall
setting up a small business network

Fast and reliable internet connection via modem

Your modem connects your network to the internet. It’s essential to have a fast and reliable connection that can handle all your devices, including laptops and mobile phones. Use our Speed Need Quiz to get a clear understanding of your requirements. This quiz will help you inventory the number of devices and see your minimum needs. Small businesses can benefit from business-grade internet with Quantum Fiber, which delivers ultra-fast multi-gig speeds up to 8 Gig where available to ensure you get the speed you need to stay competitive.

Routers and switches to handle network traffic

Most networks require a router to direct traffic within and between your network and the internet. Switches allow multiple devices, like computers, printers, and servers, to connect to your network. Large networks can be more complex and require multiple routers and switches.

Connections between computers and the network

Traditional wired networks connect devices via Ethernet cables. They can be arranged in several configurations including bus, ring, star, and tree.

  • Bus is the most straightforward network configuration, connecting devices via a single cable or backbone.
  • Ring connects devices in a circular loop.
  • Star connects devices to a central hub or switch.
  • A tree configuration is more complex and connects devices in a hierarchal fashion.
  • Mesh is a flexible approach to networking, connecting devices in a web-like fashion. Switches and routers are not required in a mesh network, but they can help improve performance. Quantum Fiber 360 WiFiTM is a mesh network that works well for small businesses, providing seamless coverage across your building and allowing you to customize and manage via an app.    

Secure your network with a firewall

A firewall is vital for small businesses. It’s a way to monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on your security rules. A firewall helps block malicious software and protects your sensitive data. Firewalls can be implemented as software, hardware, or a combination of both. 

Use our small business network setup guide

Setting up your network

Once you’ve designed your configuration and purchased your equipment, follow these steps to set up your network:

  • Install the modem.
  • Connect routers, switches, and firewall.
  • Configure security settings for your modem, router, and firewall.
  • Connect devices using your preferred network topology method.
  • Test the network.

When planning your network, keep scalability in mind. You want to build a system that can grow with your company. It should also have a backup system and a network maintenance plan to ensure that you’re upgrading software and devices, monitoring performance, and identifying potential issues.

One way to future-proof your network is to get the fastest internet speeds available to you with Quantum Fiber business-grade internet — an ultra-fast and reliable solution to help keep you and your business competitive.

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