Remote patient monitoring with IoMT devices

by | Oct 30, 2023

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Technology-enabled remote patient monitoring (RPM) is a game changer in healthcare. RPM transforms how people with chronic and acute illnesses or medical conditions manage their treatment. Now, you can monitor and track your vital signs efficiently and effectively from home.

What are Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices?

IoMT refers to medical devices and applications, such as sensors and monitors, that patients and healthcare providers use to track and monitor health remotely. These devices capture critical data collected and transmitted over the internet for analysis.

IoMT technology makes medical care more convenient and cost-effective by reducing healthcare facility visits. Studies also show that remote patient monitoring leads to better health outcomes, helps catch potential health issues early, and reduces hospital readmissions.

IoMT devices and applications

There are various types of IoMT devices, such as activity trackers, smartwatches, and other readily available connected devices. Wearable medical devices typically interface with smartphone apps via Bluetooth and measure everything from heart rate and blood pressure to physical activity and sleep patterns. 

Initially designed as fitness trackers, wearable devices have evolved into sophisticated healthcare tools. These FDA-cleared or FDA-approved Class II and III medical devices  perform more advanced functions than an Apple Watch or Oura Ring. Standard RPM devices include blood pressure monitors, glucometers, pulse oximeters, scales, and spirometers. Other specialized RPM devices monitor implanted medical devices like pacemakers, defibrillators, smart pills, and fetal monitors. These devices provide rich data healthcare providers can use to assess treatment effectiveness and adjust a patient’s care plan or medication.

Remote patient monitoring helps treat a range of medical conditions. Some of the most common uses are for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, asthma, and COPD. But RPM also benefits pregnancies, seizures, sleep apnea, and mental health disorders.

IoMT security and privacy

Data from wearable medical devices typically gets transferred to an app that sends it to the cloud. It may then get stored in your healthcare provider’s electronic health records system for safekeeping. Companies or individuals accessing your data are subject to the privacy and security requirements defined under HIPAA compliance guidelines . These standards dictate how information gets stored and protected from unintended disclosure.

When you store personal medical data on your smartphone or the cloud, there’s always the risk of someone illegally accessing your records. To protect this sensitive information, secure your internet connection, use strong passwords, and enable two-step authentication. Also, equip your devices with the latest software and install updates as soon as they become available.

Remote Patient Monitoring needs reliability and speed

RPM devices typically connect to the internet through a cellular or WiFi network. When you enable WiFi on a smart device, your home internet network generally handles most data transfers. Wearable medical devices don’t require much bandwidth, but since data gets uploaded through them frequently, a reliable internet connection is essential.

Fiber internet from Quantum Fiber provides 99.9% reliability based on network uptime or availability, so you can count on a consistent, readily available connection. And it’s fast, delivering gig speed performance up to 940Mbps. That’s enough bandwidth to support your IoMT devices while simultaneously streaming 4k video, engaging in multi-player video games, connecting to video calls, and transferring large files.

Medical monitoring with 360 WiFi

A consistent WiFi network is also essential for effective remote patient monitoring. Many IoMT devices are portable or wearable, moving about with you throughout the day. Since these devices transmit data from various locations, you need a network that provides seamless coverage throughout your home without dead spots or interruptions.

That’s where Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi comes into play. This robust mesh network blankets your entire home with coverage. We provide everything you need to get started, and our smartphone app makes setting up your network easy. The step-by-step app helps you optimally position your hardware, configure your security settings, and set access controls. The system even adapts to how you use the internet, learning your network traffic sources and optimizing the design for the strongest connection.

IoMT devices provide continuous, real-time health monitoring outside the traditional clinical setting. These devices empower patients to proactively manage their health, detect medical issues early, and adopt healthier habits.

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