Stay connected during moving season

by | Apr 11, 2023

A young couple moves in together during moving season.
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Are you gearing up for a change of pace during moving season once the semester ends? When you’re browsing various internet plans for college students, keep in mind that Quantum Fiber offers a variety of internet plans to make sure every student has what they need this moving season. Whether you’re looking for ultra-fast gig speeds or mesh networks with broad coverage, there’s something for everyone!

While you’re busy packing your bags (or helping your roommate pack theirs), we’ll help you set up a smooth, speedy internet connection in your new place. With impressive speeds and service capabilities, you’ll be able to keep streaming, gaming, and working remotely without interruptions or delays.

What can college students use a great internet connection for?

A college student attends online class with headphones during moving season.

Internet plans for college students can simplify all kinds of issues, from homesickness to gaming lag. With a great internet plan that flexes month-by-month with your schedule, you can make calls whenever you need to, log into virtual summer classes, and more.

Consider some of the ways you can use your fast, secure internet connection during moving season:

  • Video chat with family and friends. Whether you’re moving home for the summer or renting near campus, there’s bound to be someone you want to keep in touch with. If you need to check in mid-move, your IoT mobile devices will have your back while you chat face-to-face via video call.
  • Internships. Most internships these days require internet connectivity, and some are entirely virtual! You don’t want slow speeds holding back your progress while you’re busy bridging the gap between your education and your new career.
  • Gamers and streamers. If you and your friends are looking forward to some sweet gaming sessions this summer, you’ll want to make sure you have the right internet connectivity! You’ll be especially glad for a quick internet service setup if you’re eager to start streaming your gameplay from a new apartment.
  • Remote workers and students. Do you like the sound of an online summer job? Making some side cash during summer break is super smart, and more people than ever are deciding to work from home. But you’ll need a quick internet connection to pull it off! You’ll impress your new boss by never missing important online meetings due to connectivity issues, and (hopefully!) always logging in on time.

Internet plans for college students made easy

A College student excitedly chats about moving season on her laptop.

Many people hesitate to compare internet plans during moving season because some providers lock you into a year-long contract. And the last thing you want during moving season is to have your service plan stuck to one address. The whole point is to have high-speed internet access the moment you move into your new place!

Let’s go into more detail. There are plenty of situations where you won’t want to be locked into a contract and would rather pay monthly. Sometimes it can be tricky to determine what your best options are, so consider when the perks of a flexible monthly service plan can really make a difference.

Get the most out of summer break after moving season

Ready to turn summer break into your own personal gaming season? You’ll need a good internet connection for gaming to avoid annoying lag issues and stream your gameplay. You’ll also want plenty of bandwidth (especially if you have roommates) and solid security features to make sure no one hitches a free ride on your speedy connection.

Stay connected while visiting family

Video calls and other types of streaming can take up a lot of bandwidth and tax your connection’s latency levels, sometimes resulting in glitchy connections. You don’t want to miss what your family members or significant other might have to say once you find the time to get in touch. So make sure you get enough internet speeds to maintain low latency.

Hook up your new apartment on your time

Knowing that you’re free to stream when you invite friends to your new place for the first time is amazing! Or maybe you’d prefer to solo binge your favorite TV shows in 4K for a restful night in after the big move. Quantum Fiber has your back either way. With speeds commonly reaching up to 940 Mbps (megabits per second), you’ll be able to stream your favorite music playlists while you unpack your boxes, too. Speed may not be available in your area.

Speed through your summer classes

Sometimes your break comes with a bit of homework! Plenty of ambitious students like to break out their favorite devices and get ahead of the game by earning a couple of credits through summer classes. If you’re ready to get your degree moving on the fast track, your 360 WiFi mesh network can allow you to study with ease from multiple devices and locations anywhere in your home.

Get ready for moving season—either online or offline!

A woman looks at her phone while carrying boxes during moving season.

You’ll be able to make the most of internet plans for college students when you can access the top-tier connections offered through Quantum Fiber on a pay-per-month basis. Say goodbye to frustrating attempts at getting out of year-long service contracts you don’t need. Instead, go for a monthly plan that’s affordable, fast, and reliable so you don’t miss a beat during moving season!

If you’re curious about what else Quantum Fiber can offer, don’t forget to stop by our blog for more tech tips.

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