Add these tech tools to your packing list for vacation

by | May 20, 2024

A woman reads an e-reader in an airport
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Quantum Fiber speed and reliability offers you freedom to connect, support, and use your tech devices. That’s why we’re writing a short list of tech tools to put on your packing list for vacation!

Learn more about what to pack for vacation, then connect your devices to internet that moves at nearly the speed of light by checking for Quantum Fiber availability in your area!

Tech tools to put on your packing list for vacation

Streaming stick

Vacations are an excellent way to disconnect from daily stresses. That doesn’t mean you have to disconnect from your favorite shows or movies.

Adding a streaming stick to your packing list for vacation makes starting family movie night or relaxing while watching a familiar series easy. Many hotels and vacation rentals come with streaming options, but if you bring your own streaming stick, you can avoid logging in to a new device, losing access to your streaming subscriptions, and setting reminders to log out before you check out.

When it comes to streaming sticks for travel, the easier they connect the better. Here are some streaming stick packing tips for vacation:

  • Prioritize simplicity like plugging directly into a TV’s HDMI port
  • A streaming stick with a web browser may help you clear hurdles like entering your hotel room number to connect to WiFi
  • Remember that if you’re travelling internationally, you may not have access to the same content that you do at home so plan accordingly

Connected luggage tags

Modern technology has made luggage tags useful for much more than just finding your bags on a carousel at the airport.

Smart luggage tags connect to your phone or computer and show the relative location of the bag they’re packed inside. That feature alone makes them invaluable for anyone flying since they can show if a bag made it on the plane with its owner.

However, connected luggage tags should be on every packing list for vacation since they can also be set to notify you if they’re left behind. For example, if you’re travelling internationally and storing your passport in a safe then you could also leave your connected luggage tag in the safe so that you don’t leave your passport or other important items behind when you check out.

Some luggage tags are also easy to attach to keyrings. That means that if you’re not travelling, you can still use the ping function on a luggage tag to find a lost set of keys at home!

Portable charger

Even the best tech tools will just be extra weight if their batteries die. Keep them powered while on vacation with a reliable and versatile portable charger. These tips should help you decide which one to put on your packing list for vacation:

  • Consider buying a portable charger designed for the outdoors if you might encounter water, snow, or dust while travelling
  • Think about which devices you need charged most consistently and make sure any portable charger has ports for that device
  • Look for auto-sleep functions that save a portable charger’s battery only for when it is being used

Lastly, don’t forget to check airline requirements for packing portable chargers if flying. Some battery types are not allowed on planes, so if air travel is in your future, make sure your portable charger is allowed on board with you.

jumping a car using a car jump starter

Car jump starter

Although packing a car jump starter isn’t the newest advice for what to pack on vacation, it may be the most important.

When you’re on a road trip you’re far from friends and family who can jump start your car. You may also be without service to call a tow truck. That’s why a reliable car jump starter should be on every packing list for vacation.

There are enough options for you to make your car jump starter as simple or complex as you want. For example, you can find a simple starter that easily fits under your seat and reliably brings your car to life. Or, you can opt for one that also has charger ports for phones, computers, and other devices so that it doubles as a portable charger.

No matter what you choose, remember these tips:

  • Charge your car jump starter before every road trip
  • Review your jump starter’s connection instructions and remember that red connects to positive (+) and black connects to negative (-)
  • Check cables and connections for damage before use
A man searches for WiFi while travelling

WiFi hotspot

Nothing says freedom like being able to connect to the rest of the world wherever you go while on vacation. WiFi hotspots can unlock connected roaming so you can share your adventure or plan a new one while on the road.

How well they work, though, relies on a few factors like what you use your hotspot for. Video streaming and video calls will use more data than email and simple internet searches. How remote your travels are could also determine how reliable your WiFi hotspot connects. Lastly, each service provider has different levels and areas of coverage. Check with your provider to make sure their service map covers your travel area.

Add Quantum Fiber to your packing list for vacation

Quantum Fiber offers ultra-fast and reliable fiber internet that moves at nearly the speed of light. We also offer resources like our internet speed need test to help you decide how much bandwidth you need at home.

Take the test, pack your bags, and then check for Quantum Fiber availability in your area to connect your devices to speeds up to 940 Mbps, up to 1 Gbps, up to 3 Gbps, and up to 8 Gbps where available.

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