Benefits of WiFi 7 With Quantum Fiber

by | Jan 11, 2024

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When it comes to ultra-fast and reliable fiber internet from Quantum Fiber, there are a ton of numbers to know. WiFi 7 combined with Quantum Fiber speed and reliability is far from just another number though.

We’ve identified what you need to know about WiFi 7 vs. WiFi 6, WiFi 7 mesh networks, and WiFi 7 equipment with Quantum Fiber here. Continue reading to take our crash course, then check for Quantum Fiber availability in your area to bring WiFi 7 home.

WiFi 7 vs WiFi 6

We wouldn’t be making a big deal about WiFi 7 if it wasn’t dramatically different from WiFi 6. Still, if you don’t know what WiFi 6 is then these are still just numbers.

WiFi allowed devices to wirelessly connect to the internet from a central router, but for devices from different manufacturers to connect there needed to be a universal set of standards that their devices could be built to connect to.

The result was 802.11 protocol (WiFi 1) in 1997. Ever since then WiFi standards have been improving to create greater speed and connectivity with WiFi 7 being the latest evolution.

However, when you weigh WiFi 7 vs. WiFi 6, it’s clear that WiFi 7 is a revolution instead of just an improvement. Compared to WiFi 6, WiFi 7:

  • Doubles channel frequency from 160MHz to 320MHz. The wider the channel, the more data can fit through it.
  • Reduces latency by 7x.
  • Extends WiFi coverage by an average of 25% for Quantum Fiber networks and devices.
WiFi 7 with Quantum Fiber

WiFi 7 and multi-gig internet

WiFi 7’s capabilities benefit anyone using it, but they will be especially important for anyone who wants to take advantage of multi-gig internet.

Quantum Fiber offers multi-gig speeds of up to 3 and up to 8 Gbps that allow you to connect a seemingly endless number of devices to your network and use them without ever noticing a dip in your internet speed.

In fact, Quantum Fiber ® 360 WiFi ™ with WiFi 7 allows you to connect over 100 concurrent devices to your home or business network since multi-gig internet delivers a tidal wave of data every second.

If you want to ride the multi-gig data wave then pairing it with WiFi 7 is an excellent choice since it offers more bandwidth with a 320 MHz channel that can better handle the incredible speed at which multi-gig internet delivers data.

WiFi 7 supports more devices

Quantum Fiber WiFi 7 mesh network

Of course, since WiFi 7 is new it will take time for devices like gaming consoles and V.R. headsets to catch up and be designed to handle WiFi 7 speed. Even finding a router that’s ready for WiFi 7 could be difficult, but thanks to the Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi mesh network, you can bring multi-gig speeds and a WiFi 7-ready network home all together.

As of January 2024, Quantum Fiber offers WiFi 7 to multi-gig customers with 360 WiFi included. That means you get an average increase of 25% coverage compared to WiFi 6 along with a reliable WiFi 7 mesh network that blankets your home with ultra-fast internet.

Check for Quantum Fiber availability in your area today to see what speeds are available for you. If you don’t find something that matches your needs today, then check again soon as we hope to expand WiFi 7 availability to all new Quantum Fiber customers by May 2024!

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