Study session with Quantum Fiber: How has technology changed studying?

by | Sep 14, 2023

Two women having a study session
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In 2020, the World Economic Forum predicted that technology would change the way we learn in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Students and teachers alike were forced to adapt to an unprecedented situation, taking learning online. Since then, most schools have gone back to in-person or hybrid classes. However, many of the useful learning tools we picked up during that time are still being used.

Technology has given students a way to take their school experience into their own hands. Now, learning can take place outside of the classroom—online, in our homes, and even at coffee shops. New innovations in technology allow for easy collaboration, personalized study sessions, and interactive studying. How else has the internet changed the way students study?

Unlimited access to information

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you have nearly unlimited access to information right at your fingertips. No matter what you’re looking for, it probably already exists online. Simply type your question into a search engine to find a plethora of websites addressing it. Students who need extra help can also utilize the internet as a study tool, using platforms like Khan Academy to continue learning outside of the classroom.

Do you remember sitting at a library and poring over hundreds of pages of textbooks? Most of those textbooks are now available online—either as an e-book you can buy or free as a digital download at the library.

Personalized study experiences

As we all know, there’s no right way to learn. Some students are visual learners, while others learn best by reading and writing. Technology allows students to learn the way that best suits their needs. You can create personalized digital flash cards, elaborate color-coded notes, or lecture recordings with closed captioning. Whether you prefer to study by reading, listening, watching, or engaging with the lesson, technology can make it happen.

Classroom of peers having a study session

Easy collaboration with peers

Technology has made it easy to collaborate with peers and teachers. Instead of having to hunt down your group partners after class, you and your classmates can collaborate virtually. Whether your assignment is to conduct an experiment or present your research, there are plenty of platforms right at your fingertips.

You can easily find the help you need, whether you’re looking for a study buddy or some extra help on a particular subject. Virtual office hours are a great way for teachers to connect with students and offer help outside of class.

Accessible and transferrable study material

The days of being tied to a desk with a textbook are over. Now, students can take their study materials with them virtually anywhere. If you forget to bring your laptop, no worries—just make sure your materials are in the cloud and you can access them from anywhere. This makes it easy to study on the go or settle in for an impromptu study session.

You can download e-books, create virtual flashcards, and even create elaborate presentations from pretty much any device. If your laptop suddenly breaks, you’ll still have access to your textbooks from your phone or tablet. Curious about accessible technology? Learn more here.

Interactive studying

Apps and software can be a great contribution to students’ lives. Interactive studying allows students to become a part of what they are learning. Virtual museum tours let students learn about art by walking through the British Museum or the Van Gogh Museum’s halls from the comfort of their home.

Baylor University released a study saying interactive classrooms also perform better on measures of student learning. They also claim that interactive learning is associated with improved learning for typically at-risk students, like minorities and first-generation college students, making it an important part of inclusive teaching.

Two women studying at home together

What else can technology do for learning?

Technology has impacted nearly every facet of life, and that also rings true for education and learning. Classrooms and teachers benefit from innovations in technology, such as smart boards, online learning platforms, and more.

Are you and your family ready for back-to-school season? Whether you’re going back to school or back on campus, Quantum Fiber is here for you. Learn more on the Quantum Fiber blog.

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