Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad’s Life Easier

by | Jun 3, 2024

A father receives Father's Day Gifts
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There’s no better Father’s Day gift than spending time with your dad. However, there are high tech Father’s Day gifts that can make your dad’s life a little easier over the other 364 days of the year. Check out our guide to high tech Father’s Day gifts to make your dad’s life easier. Then, help dad out some more by checking for lightning-fast fiber internet availability to connect all his gadgets, too! 

Wireless charger

Our smartphones can seamlessly connect us to our family as well as the rest of the world. Keeping those devices connected to a charger isn’t as easy.

Besides requiring you to plug and unplug your phone, phone chargers can easily be damaged from being bent or twisted while plugged in. Plus, the cords can make an otherwise organized area look messy.

Plugging a device into a wireless charger is as simple as laying it down on the charging pad. A wireless charger can even charge multiple devices at once while only requiring one cord.

If you know the device or devices that the dad you’re gifting for will want to charge, then make sure the wireless charger you choose is compatible through manufacturer compatibility and specifications.

A man grills using a wireless meat thermometer

Wireless meat thermometer

Even seasoned grill masters need to check the temperatures of the meats they’re cooking. Wireless meat thermometers make it easy to do so without losing precious heat or even getting out of your favorite chair. If the dad you’re shopping for isn’t much of a chef, then a wireless meat thermometer can also give them the confidence to try new recipes.

Consider the following when shopping for a wireless meat thermometer:

  • The experience level of who you’re shopping for. People with cooking experience may want more settings, measurements, and alarms that make advanced techniques possible.
  • How many people the person typically cooks for. If the person you’re buying for cooks for multiple people often, then several probes may be necessary so they can cook to different temperatures at one time.
  • WiFi versus Bluetooth connectivity. There are Bluetooth and WiFi options for wireless meat thermometers. WiFi connection means that as long as you’re connected to the same network as your wireless meat thermometer you can check the temperature. On the other hand, a Bluetooth connection will weaken as you get further away from the meat thermometer.

Digital picture frame

Just about all of us always carry a camera in our pocket, so it’s not surprising that fathers today have a mountain of photos they’d like to see more often. That’s especially true if the father you’re shopping for is also a grandfather.

Digital picture frames are an excellent Father’s Day gift because they can hold hundreds of photos in one place. If they have a supporting app, they’re also an easy way for family and friends to add photos directly from a smartphone.

There are a few other important things to look for when it comes to choosing the right digital picture frame for a Father’s Day gift:

  • How much storage the frame offers and whether the frame stores photos on a local SD card or through cloud storage
  • A resolution over 720p or higher to make sure photos look crisp and clear and not pixelated
  • The ability to display photos vertically and horizontally
  • Compatibility for videos with sound
A man uses a solar battery charger

Solar battery charger

Adventures outside typically include hours in the sunshine. A solar battery charger can help make sure that everything from smart phones to camping equipment stays charged.

Which solar battery charger is right for your dad depends on the devices they want to keep charged and the activities they’re using them for. For example, fishing can mean hours on the water in direct sunlight, which means lots of opportunities to charge devices via solar power. Something under the cover of trees where you’re changing directions often, like hiking, will give fewer opportunities to charge a solar battery.

Device compatibility is also a key consideration. Once you find a potential solar battery charger, make sure it has compatible connection ports for the device it’s most likely to charge.


The dad in your life can have plenty of adventures indoors too, especially if they have an e-reader loaded with great books.

Many tablets can serve as an e-reader, but if the dad you’re shopping for wants to prioritize storage and readability then an e-reader is an excellent choice for them. Large brands like Amazon will have a ton of available titles, but you can also connect an e-reader to local libraries through overdrive. Some e-readers will also work well with audiobooks, so if your dad likes to multi-task then check to make sure the e-reader you choose is audiobook compatible.

Keep your Father’s Day gifts connected with Quantum Fiber

Keep the Father’s Day gift you choose or the devices it supports connected to fiber internet that moves at nearly the speed of light.

Quantum Fiber delivers lightning-fast fiber internet at speeds of up to 940 Mbps, up to 1 Gbps, up to 3 Gbps, and even up to 8 Gbps where available. Fast and reliable internet can help make finding their next great read or favorite picture of family a snap, so check for Quantum Fiber availability today!

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