Buying your first gaming laptop: Are laptops good for gaming?

by | Mar 10, 2023

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With so many exciting new games on the market, from Hi-Fi Rush to The Callisto Protocol, having a top-tier gaming system is more important than ever. Modern PC gamers need a high-tech machine to play all their new favorites, whether they’re an FPS, arena match, or open-world speed run fan. But are laptops good for gaming? Do they come with the power you need to unlock that next achievement? Let’s look at some of the biggest factors to consider while buying your first gaming laptop and address what affects your machine’s ability to perform under pressure.

Are laptops good for gaming?

Because of their lightweight and portable nature, laptops can be a somewhat divisive topic among hardcore gamers. Many gamers question whether laptops are hefty enough to support the internet speeds and hardware necessary to prevent lag, audio glitches, or internet connection drops. When buying your first gaming laptop, it all comes down to the core components that make up your machine and what kinds of internet capabilities you’re working with.

What do I need to consider while buying my first gaming laptop?

Buying your first gaming laptop is easy with Quantum Fiber, as shown by this image with a gamer using a controller at his laptop.

Since there are so many options for buying your first gaming laptop in 2023, searching for the right match can be overwhelming. Here are some key terms to help simplify your search:

  • Central processing unit (CPU): Your computer’s CPU is a huge factor in how quickly all the other components can function. This little piece of hardware handles the calculations necessary to run your operating system, file explorer, games, and much more.
  • Graphics processing unit (GPU): While the CPU handles most of your laptop’s processes, there’s a special component for processing the heavy graphics load from most videos and games—that’s your GPU. Make sure you get a high-quality graphics card to alleviate some of your lag-related gameplay issues.
  • Random access memory (RAM): Plenty of RAM is crucial for a gaming laptop since it temporarily accesses the data used in gameplay. You’re looking for speeds around 3,600MHz/3,200MHz to optimize memory responsiveness and bandwidth for an ideal gaming experience.
  • Operating system (OS): Whether you’re an Apple or a PC lover, just make sure your favorite games are compatible with your OS of choice. Most games are available on multiple platforms these days, but it never hurts to check!
  • Hard Drive or Solid State Drive (HD or SSD): Your HD/ SSD comes into play when you’re storing long-term data, such as all those game save files you’d never want to lose! Make sure your new gaming laptop comes with plenty of storage space.
  • Network interface card (NIC): As the name suggests, your NIC acts as the interface between your computer and your network. No network card means no WiFi or internet connectivity, making MMORPGs—and many other awesome games—completely unusable.
  • USB and HDMI ports: It seems like laptops get sleeker by the day, even at the expense of many ports that used to be considered essential. For gaming laptops, USB ports to hook up a gaming keyboard/mouse and an HDMI cable to connect a second monitor are still useful!

Overall, the CPU, GPU, RAM, and NIC are your biggest priorities when buying your first gaming laptop—especially if you want to be able to take advantage of high internet speeds.

Common issues when buying your first gaming laptop:

We all know about latency, every gamer’s nemesis. Low-quality NICs and slow internet connections can both cause lag, resulting in frustrating gameplay interference or even a total connection drop.

Some people combat latency issues by sliding their graphics quality as low as it can go. But who wants to play the most cutting-edge games that way? Besides, if you’re more of an arena gamer, low-quality GPUs or graphics settings can interfere with your ability to spot ambushes and pull off winning moves.

Instead of sacrificing graphics quality, use a secure and fast high speed internet provider like Quantum Fiber.

High-speed internet makes a major difference

Here are some ways that high speed internet can fully utilize the capabilities of your new gaming machine:

Lag is an annoyingly persistent issue for many gamers. And all the sweet laptop specs in the world won’t save you if your internet connection is sub-par. High-speed internet is especially important if you want to stream your gameplay for others to enjoy!

Once you’ve put the research and work into find a gaming laptop that’s right for you, you’ll need to ensure you’re using a good internet connection with high speed and the lowest possible latency. Gamers are missing out if they don’t maximize their bandwidth with high parallel upload and download speeds.

Luckily, Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi provides excellent speeds that will reduce common problems that plague gamers. For instance, you can use bandwidth allocation and a mesh network to ensure you’re maintaining top speeds on your gaming laptop.

Enjoy a laptop with all the convenience and gaming power you need!

Two teens having fun after buying your first gaming laptop.

Which game are you most excited to play next? There are so many awesome prospects to choose from when buying your first gaming laptop! You won’t want to skimp on graphics quality—or deal with frustrating latency and connection issues—so make sure you get in the game with Quantum Fiber’s high speeds and 360 WiFi capabilities.

For more details on all the amazing things that Quantum Fiber can do for your gameplay, visit our blog. And feel free to reference this user-friendly guide next time you search for the perfect gaming laptop so you can select your preferred specs and shop with confidence!

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