Eric Fullerton has lived in Colorado for over 20 years, working in the ski and tourism industry as a technology and marketing expert. With a busy family, Eric needed an internet connection that delivered fast speeds over a reliable network. Before switching to Quantum Fiber Internet in Denver, his family dealt with regular internet outages. They also experienced equipment failures and inconsistent speeds. To make matters worse, his internet provider often overlooked his complaints. It was difficult for his family to get the customer service they needed. Eric and his family were in desperate need of an internet provider that could help simplify their everyday life with a fast and reliable internet solution.

Life after Quantum Fiber

Since switching to Quantum Fiber, Eric and his family have left behind buffering issues and internet outages. They also said goodbye to the frustrations they experienced when connecting multiple devices to the internet at the same time. Quantum Fiber has allowed his family to focus on what matters most to them. “It is a joy to have the internet work and not have to worry about dealing with problems,” said Eric.

Through Quantum Fiber Internet in Denver, Eric and his family received a fiber connection directly to their home. Fiber brought directly into the home gives consumers super-fast internet over a reliable network. Eric and his family were pleasantly surprised with the game-changing customer experience they received. “Quantum Fiber is the way to go. The value for the money is there and it is easy to get setup. We had no problems at all,” said Eric.

Get Quantum Fiber in Denver, CO

Quantum Fiber is proud to provide consumers with an internet solution built for what’s now and what’s next. With Quantum Fiber, consumers get super-fast internet delivered over a reliable network, with a gaming-changing customer experience.

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