You could say Bryan Montford knows the internet.

He has done web design work, beta-tested X-Box Live, and built online communities. In fact, Bryan has spent the last two decades using broadband internet both professionally and recreationally. Discovering the power of personal computers and technology was a life-changing experience for Bryan. It offered a stage where he could learn and leverage new skills, meet people, and experience the world in new ways. “I rely on it every day,” he said. “I’m deeply invested in the internet, its transformative power, and the opportunities it enables.”

Bryan’s connected world needed internet that goes beyond. That’s why he jumped at the opportunity to use Quantum Fiber Internet.

Fiber internet in Springfield, MO

In Springfield, Missouri, where he lives, Bryan had tried the other providers that weren’t exactly reliable. Once he was connected with Quantum Fiber Internet, Bryan could shake off slowdowns. And he was able to break free from buffering. “If I wanted to download the latest games, stream movies in 4K, or live stream my gaming experiences globally, I can, over a low latency, high throughput connection without data caps or overage fees.”

The Quantum Fiber difference

Bryan liked that Quantum Fiber was different from other providers. With Quantum Fiber Internet, Bryan got the freedom to stream, game, and download—with no contracts, no bundles, and unlimited data.

It helped the rest of his family enjoy a connected life beyond limits too. “My mother just participated in her first-ever Zoom video conference with my aunt who lives in Alaska,” Bryan said. “Even my father is starting to explore the video streaming services we’ve subscribed to.”

On top of the superfast speed and rock-solid reliability, Bryan said he enjoys working with the support staff at Quantum Fiber.  He’s also excited to see where Quantum Fiber Internet takes Springfield, MO as a city. “It’s been a wonderful experience helping to test Quantum Fiber Internet and ensure our city has a robust solution ready to meet its current and future needs. This product offers opportunities for personal and professional growth that have not been previously met in the same way, enabling and empowering people.”

As for anyone questioning if they should try Quantum Fiber Internet, Bryan has this to say: “Try it. There are three providers available here. I’ve used them all and to me, there’s nothing equal. Plus, you aren’t locked into a contract, which makes Quantum Fiber an easy choice.”

Meet the internet built for your unlimited life.

Tomorrow’s internet is here. Go beyond with Quantum Fiber internet.

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