Celebrate International Nurses Day with these gifts for nurses

by | May 6, 2024

Celebrate international nurses' day
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Everyone knows that nurses work hard to care for their patients, but unless you work in a hospital, you may not know exactly what that looks like. For example, did you know that one study found that during an 8 hour shift a nurse will on average take nearly 6,000 steps? Quantum Fiber is showing our appreciation this International Nurses Day by sharing five tech gifts for nurses.

Check our list of tech gifts for nurses here, celebrate with a nurse you appreciate, and then check for Quantum Fiber availability in your area to connect their gifts to ultra-fast and reliable fiber internet!

Five tech gifts for nurses

Smartwatch for health monitoring

Nurses are dedicated to caring for their patients, but that can leave them without enough time or energy to care for themselves. A smartwatch that monitors key health metrics can help nurses better care for themselves by reliably reporting on health data such as:

  • Step count
  • Blood pressure
  • Hours slept and quality of sleep
  • Blood oxygen levels

On top of those physical health benefits, smartwatches can remind the wearer to do other important tasks like drink water through apps and simple alarms. They also allow the wearer to easily stay connected to their friends and family, even when their hands are full, which can be an important way to maintain mental health.

Gift an E-reader


Reading is an excellent way to disconnect from the stress and demands of your surroundings while keeping your mind active and engaged. Plus, there’s nothing better than flipping the page on a book that you can’t put down.

E-readers are one of the best gifts for nurses since they make it easy to commute with books as well as read them on breaks and during meals.

Rechargeable travel mug

Hot drinks like coffee are great for waking up for work or relaxing after a busy day, but only if they’re actually hot. Paper coffee cups and regular coffee cups will keep your drink warm if you drink it as soon as it is brewed, but if you’re commuting or need to drink it over a few hours then your hot drink won’t be nearly as satisfying.

Rechargeable travel mugs solve that problem by keeping your drink at your preferred temperature.

Just how long a rechargeable travel mug keeps a drink warm depends on the mug’s design, its battery life and how long it’s away from its charger. However, if a nurse kept their mug on the charger then they could have their drink stay at the perfect temperature for their entire shift!

Noise-cancelling headphones

Nurses are constantly listening to their patients and co-workers to provide the best care possible. On their breaks though, they may need to tune out all the noise around them to recharge for their next shift.

Noise-cancelling headphones are the perfect device to tune out all the noise, literally.

Noise-cancelling headphones have a microphone that listens to the sounds surrounding the wearer. The headphones then play the opposite of the sound along with whatever is playing through the headphones to cancel the outside noise.

There are also noise-cancelling ear buds that are great for nurses who want to carry noise cancellation in their pocket.

Smart home devices

There is a smart home device for just about any need. That is certainly true for nurses working long, tiring hours away from home. For example, a nurse might appreciate:

  • A smart doorbell that allows them to communicate with people delivering packages while they’re at work.
  • An internet connected camera that makes checking in on pets alone at home easy. A smart lock that makes letting dog-walkers in easy could also be appreciated!
  • A smart thermostat that adjusts the temperature at home while they’re away to maximize energy efficiency while keeping the home comfortable once they’re there.
  • A smart speaker that makes everything from playing music, listening to audiobooks, and even controlling other smart home devices possible with a simple voice command.

Quantum Fiber is committed to connecting nurses

If you’re a nurse or share a home with one, consider checking for Quantum Fiber availability. Quantum Fiber offers ultra-fast and reliable fiber internet that supports regular internet use like streaming, video calls, and web surfing as well as a seemingly endless number of smart home devices. Check out our speed need quiz to see what your internet needs are, then choose from our plans up to 500 Mbps, up to 940 Mbps, and even multi-gig speeds of up to 1 Gbps, up to 3 Gbps, and up to 8 Gbps where available.

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