When it comes to modern entertainment platforms, one thing is certain: Content is king. People choose streaming services based on which ones offer the shows, movies, live sports, and news they want to watch. It is up to today’s building owners to make sure they are able to stream that content with ease.

“Tenants don’t want their building or their internet provider telling them they only have one option,” Lumen Senior Product Manager Melissa Holton said. “The key is to celebrate choice. And make it easy for families to quickly get to watching and spending less time searching.”

Streaming services have skyrocketed over the past few years. And the coronavirus pandemic has only boosted those numbers. After shelter-in-place orders went into effect last March, Netflix saw a 72% increase in its weekly user numbers — and that is just one service. Americans subscribe to an average of four different streaming services, and new ones are on the horizon.

Holton said, “We’re reaching a point with streaming services where there are just so many to choose from. It’s mainstream video entertainment for households. Quantum Fiber, a new Lumen brand for residential fiber that was previously known as CenturyLink Fiber, sees the opportunity to turn all those choices into a better value, boosting satisfaction among residents.”

How building owners can meet tenants’ expectations

According to Holton, there are two ways companies and building owners can help residents get the most from their streaming subscriptions. First, they can provide fast, reliable bulk internet with unlimited data so they can stream with ease. They can also pair up with an internet provider committed to making TV choice easy. Tenants should be in control of customizing TV and streaming for their households.

Family using streaming services

“Reliable internet is the first step to high-quality streaming,” Holton said. “It’s a must-have when you have an apartment where you subscribe to multiple streaming services. When three, four or five people are streaming different content at the same time, you need a strong, solid connection… And the bandwidth to accommodate everyone’s needs.”

The benefits of bulk internet

Additionally, Holton said, property owners that offer Quantum Fiber’s bulk internet can attain better retention rates. This a cost-effective and convenient solution. And it can also be a powerful marketing tool to attract residents and increase property value. Research shows 40% of renters said yes for bulk internet bundled in their rent, and 77% are willing to pay higher rent for this amenity.

Holton said that one of the things Quantum Fiber likes most about this video solution for residential communities is that it offers customers the option to cut the cord — and their contracts — and have the same content they love watching from many popular streaming providers like Disney+HuluHBO Max, Sling and more.

Holton also said, “The slogan for our entertainment services has always been ‘TV made easy.’ We can keep that going as the number of streaming options continues to grow and, with bulk internet included as an amenity, tenants can have the in-home connectivity and entertainment they demand from their communities.”

Quantum Fiber(SM) Connected Communities provides customized fiber solutions for apartments and communities.

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This article was originally posted on https://www.bisnow.com/blogs/quantumfiber on September 8, 2021. It was produced in collaboration between the Bisnow Branded Content Studio and Quantum Fiber.